Heaven Shall Burn – Invictus (Iconoclast III) Review


The word ‘Invictus’ is from the Latin language, and when translated into English, it means Indestructible, and that’s certainly the impression you get from Heaven Shall Burn with this latest installment.

The German 5-piece have returned bigger and better than ever, armed with ever-growing talent and a new album, they’re set to conquer the world. The band, best known for their Militant lyrics and hatred for Social Injustice, extend upon their brutal sound, mixing harsh vocals with heavy guitars and insanely heavy drumming, with Invictus, and have produced a gem of an album.

Opening this perfect work of art, we have Omen, beginning as a very tranquil melody, soothing the mind and soul, reminding us of Awoken from Iconoclast(Part One: The Final Resistance), and just like Awoken, Omen transforms into a brutal piece of perfection. Imagine a man standing in front of you, screaming so loud the flesh rips from your face, that’s what this song feels like once it gets going, Exactly.

The songs Combat, Buried In Forgotten Grounds & The Lie You Bleed For manage to show a new side to HSB, as the brutality lessens, and creates a very intense atmosphere in your head, showing that this band is no One-Trick-Pony.

The lyrics for a majority of these songs have been inspired by modern-day events and political situations, for example, Buried In Forgotten Grounds being about the CIA’s role in South America.

The album manages to constantly keep the listener under its spell, stirring up aggressive feelings and perhaps a few memories, and once finished, you’re left craving for more brutality from this savage band. We can expect to see much, much more from this band as they definitely have the potential to reshape the metal scene we have today.

Heaven Shall Burn have announced US tour dates, with hopefully more to come.


Highlights: The Omen, The Lie You Bleed For, Buried In Forgotten Grounds and Sevastopol

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  1. Very true Connor
    this album is amazing since u gave me it i have listened to a lot and still enjoy the album there is just something amazing about the album.

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