More Metal Hammer Cover Albums Coming

According to the April 22nd issue of Metal Hammer, There will be three cover albums released free with the magazine over the coming months.

One is for AC/DC, one For Judas priest and one Black Sabbath.

Confirmed tracks are:

Skindred – Back In Black (AC/DC)
Steel Panther – You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
Trigger The Bloodshed – Rapid Fire (Judas Priest)
Apocalyptica – Spiral Architect (Black Sabbath)

Other bands confirmed are:

White Wizzard
Electric Wizard

More details are to be released soon, so keep checking back for more updates.

New BFMV Song Next Week?

According to Metal Hammer, there will be anew Bullet For My Valentine track released next Tuesday on their new official website.

Iron Maiden Album Announcement in July?

The UK heavy metal magazine Metal Hammer are giving away a free Iron Maiden sticker book with this months issue. on the last page there is a space for a large sticker. It says:

“Mystery Sticker! All will be revealed in July 2010!”

This is purely speculation right now, but could this be used for Iron Maiden to announce their next album, give us the name or the album artwork.

I guess we will all have to buy Metal Hammer to find out.

UPDATE: Here is a picture of the page.

Mystery Sticker

What Could It Be???

If anybody else has any ideas about what this sticker could be, feel free to leave a comment and I will add your opinion into this post.

Free Pantera Cover Album In Next Months Metal Hammer

Next Month marks 5 years since legendary Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag was tragically shot dead onstage. To commemorate this sad occasion, UK metal magazine Metal Hammer will be giving away a free CD of Pantera covers, including:

UNEARTH – “Sandblasted Skin”
MACHINE HEAD – “Fucking Hostile”
CHIMAIRA – “Slaughtered”
EVILE – “Cemetery Gates”
ZAKK WYLDE – “Suicide Note Pt. 1”

Bon Jovi For Download?

Theres a gap in Bon Jovi’s O2 arena residency dates, and accordinbg to Metal Hammer, thats when download will be…

Does that mean Bon Jovi will be headlining the classic rock night at Download… Who knows…

Dez Fafara’s Favourite Albums of 2009

Dez Fafara of DevilDriver, recently told Metal Hammer His favourite albums of this year, here is his picks:

Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way To Blue

Dez: Great to have a new record from one of the greatest bands in history .

Mastodon- Crack The Skye

Dez: Unreal band both live and on recording.  This is killer.  Plus there all great dudes.

Behemoth- Evangelion

Dez: Fuckin’ heavy metal Poland style! Great people and great players.

Megadeth- Endgame

Dez: One of the best records Dave has ever put out!  From start to finish a Winner!

Thy Will Be Done- In Ancient Of Days

Dez: Heavy / hardcore / metal … They’re great live and onstage when J says “We listen to Sabbath and Slayer! We don’t care if you don’t “!  It gets me every time lol

Slayer- World Painted Blood

Dez: Holy fuck! It sounds more punk influenced! First song is 2 min 40 sec of punk fucking rock! I love it !

AC/DC- Black Ice

Dez: The best band in the world just can’t do it wrong! Turn this up for sure!

Rammstein- Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

Dez: Little bit like the older stuff.  Mike says “much better than the last 2 records” Live, they Kill!

Did nobody tell him Black Ice came out last year?


JB with Anthrax at sonisphere

JB with Anthrax at sonisphere

So, over the weekend, Anthrax again Re-United with former singer John Bush for Japans Loud Park Festival. This also happened in August for the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, England.

As we all know, Anthrax aren’t good at keeping vocalists, and parted ways with singer Dan Nelson earlier this year. To be completely honest, theres only one thing Anthrax can do to survive… BRING BACK BUSH… Permanently!!!

Back in August, UK metal magazine, METAL HAMMER, started a petition on their website to get Anthrax to bring back bush, so what say we all go and sign it (if you haven’t already). Heres the link:


Dez Fafara Metal Hammer Interview

Metal Hammer just posted an interview with Dez Fafar of DevilDriver, about the new album, that work has alredy begun on, heres the interview:

Dez – “We’re definitely stepping it up. Most bands have five or six years before they even get signed, so they have that time to hone their sound and we only had six months! We’ve been together six or seven years so that’s why you’re getting this fourth record. If you’re prolific then bring it. For some bands you’re waiting like three or four years for the next album and that’s not fair on the fans, and we’re not that band, we want to be prolific.”

Dez – “We’ve got way faster tunes, way heavier tunes. We’re finding ourselves with this next record. Really we’ve been finding ourselves on every record. From the first record to the new one you can hear the progression, take the journey. Which I think is cool.”

MH – And what about the anthems on the latest album? Will you be carrying that forward?
Dez – “We don’t yet. I’m just starting to write vocals, but it’s gonna be big: big hooks, big choruses, but it’s heavier as well and has loads of technical stuff on their too. We never set our sights on something specific, it just happens.”

Dez – “The feeling these guys have is that they want to crush so they’re gonna write an album that crushes!”

The album will (hopefully) be out this time next year according to Metal Hammer. This should be awesome, if Pray For Villains is anything to go by, the album should kick a large amount of ASS!!