Warpath On Rock Band

Warpath are going to have a song included in Rock Band:
Are you ready for a workout? “Life Unworthy of Life” from UK based thrash group Warpath will provide a blistering challenge for all of you guitarists and drummers out there. Warpath has been referred to as “classic thrash metal” by Bruce Dickinson, and has been the recipient of many awards including Best Unsigned Band of the Year in 2008 and 2009 from Terrorizer Magazine and #1 Rated Music Video on Scuzz TV UK. For more information about Warpath, visit http://www.warpath-online.com

makes me wish I had Rock Band now.

Warpath Voted Best Unsigned Band

Just received an email from our friends at Warpath:

“We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have been voted ‘The Best Unsigned Band of the Year’ once again in the Terrorizer Magazine Reader’s Polls! We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us and who have helped us win two years running! Happy New Year!”

That’s right, DN’s favourite thrash metallers WARPATH have been voted “The Best Unsigned Band of the Year” in 2008 & 2009 by the Terrorizer Magazine Reader’s Polls, ahead of hundreds of other metal bands.

Congratulations guys, keep up the good work in 2010!!

To find out more about Warpath, check http://www.myspace.com/warpathuk and http://www.myspace.com/warpathuk .

42 Seconds Later & Warpath Albums Of The Decade

DN Favourites 42 Seconds Later and Warpath have told us their favourite albums of the decade.

42 Seconds Later:

The Darkness “One Way Ticket To Hell”
The Darkness “Permission To Land”
AC/DC “Black Ice”  The best AC/DC since Back in Black and For those about to Rock
Megadeth” The System has Failed”  Great album that features the return of Chris Poland.
Chickenfoot “Chickenfoot”
Journey “Revelation”

The Darkness “One Way Ticket To Hell”
Velvet Revolver “Contraband”
Lifehouse “Who We Are”
Journey “Revelation”

Voices by Matchbook Romance
That album showcases some spectacular understanding of musical theory and a vast knowledge of where to use what chord progressions correctly. The entire album seems to be in a minor key, and it’s a very good album as far as “concept albums” are concerned. It starts with the moment you are in that state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, and descends into a nightmare before an abrupt awakening. Wonderful album.


1. Iron Maiden – Brave New World (2000)
2. King Diamond – House Of God (2000)
3. Eidolon – Hallowed Apparition (2001)
4. Children Of Bodom – Hatecrew Deathroll (2003)
5. Primal Fear – Black Sun (2002)
6. Arch Enemy -Wages Of Sin (2001)
7. Twilightning – Delirium Veil (2003)
8. Dissection – Reinkaos (2006)
9. Annihilator – Metal (2007)
10. Nile – Those Whom The Gods Detest (2009)

Pete: I actually found it difficult to choose just 10 albums from the past decade that not only kick ass but inspire or had a huge impact on me as a person and musician. I mean I couldn’t just put the last few Iron Maiden and Annihilator albums! I wanted to include some by Megadeth, Testament, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites even the new Whitesnake one is amazing, but this list above is my personal Top 10 essential albums for the decade!

Warpath Confirmed For Japan’s True Thrash Festival

DistortedNews favourites Warpath, have announcedd that they are playing the True Thrash Festival in Japan.
Here’s the press release:
True Thrash Fest logo
“We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have been confirmed to play at ‘True Thrash Fest’ on March 27th & 28th, 2010 in Osaka, Japan.”
“We’d like to thank Miki and Rock Stakk Records for this incredible opportunity! See you in Japan!!”

Interview: Warpath

Fast rising UK thrashers Warpath have recently conducted an interview with DistortedNews (our first interview 🙂 !!)

1) How did you guys meet, what made you form the band?
Rich: I formed the band in 2003 to begin playing thrash metal like my hero’s Metallica and Megadeth. I was just out of school and there were so many shitty nu-metal bands around and I had such disgust for that style of music I figured I’d better start writing! We had a different drummer to begin with and after he left I was contacted on MySpace by James. He’d seen us live in the UK a few times, really liked the music and asked if he could try out. We auditioned him and asked him to join immediately!
Pete: I was contacted by a strange group of young men on MySpace back in summer ’07 who went by the name Warpath, hah! Rich had seen my profile on there and that I was a guitarist and asked if I was interested in auditioning for them. I loved their songs, the riffs and drumming was so tight, the music blew me away so much I just had to say yes.
2) What are you musical influences?
Rich: For thrash metal it’d have to be Metallica, Megadeth and Testament. But I also really like the band Death, Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Judas Priest and I have a lot of classical music influences.
Pete: Iron Maiden has always been my first and main influence in metal and as a guitarist, for thrash I am heavily influenced by Annihilator, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam etc, but I also listen to lots of 80’s melodic metal like good old King Diamond, Leatherwolf, Liege Lord, Helstar etc, where the lead guitar work and guitar harmonies are just out of this world!
3) Where and when was your first gig, what was it like? Was there a good turnout?
Rich: The first show we ever played was in our home town and it was absolutely packed with everyone’s friends! We played for around twenty minutes, maybe twenty five, covered ‘The Trooper’ and had good reviews.
4) Tell us about your instruments, what guitars/drums/basses do you play?
Rich: Jackson guitars! I’m pretty bad with guitar makes/models etc, I just plug in and play. It’s a black flying V Jackson and I think it’s one of the Randy Rhoads models. James uses Mapex drums, and Gareth plays an ESP bass.
Pete: I am the openly admitted guitar “geek” of the band! I am a Jackson nut, like Rich and love everything about them, Jacksons are the best guitars in the world and I have to know every spec and detail of the models I try. I currently play the SL3 soloist with Seymour Duncan pickups, thru neck body and Floyd rose locking trem system but am going off them rapidly and would very much like to change it for a Kahler Hybrid bridge. They are so more versatile (if not a tad more sensitive) than the Floyd and a whole lot easier to restring, which as we know is every guitarist’s ultimate pain in the ass!
5) Your debut album was released last year, and is now available in major online retailers, such as play.com and amazon, how did that come about?
Rich: We have a distribution deal for the Damnation album with Plastic Head Records. It’s available with them in HMV (in store and online) as well as Amazon and Play. We wanted to get the album in all of the major stores so I contacted them and we got it set up within a few weeks. It’s also available through The End Records in the USA and Rock Stakk Records in Japan.
6) The album was mastered by former Testament and Death guitarist James Murphy, what was it like working with him?
Rich: It was great! The guy’s a legend in the metal world. I’m a huge fan of his work with those bands so it was an honour for us when he agreed to master the album. He did a fantastic job.
Pete: I’m a big fan of James’ work in Obituary, Cancer and Disincarnate too, real old school death metal with amazing lead guitar playing! So the fact a metal legend of his stature liked our music enough to want to work on it and add his golden touch is just an honour as big as they come.
7) If you could go back in time and change 1 thing, what would it be?
Rich: For Warpath? Nothing. For music in general, I guess I’d find the people who created Torrent sites and kill them off, hah! Or maybe somehow stop the sheer crap that is most hip-hop or rap music.
Pete: I’d go back in time to the early 80’s and steal all of Iron Maiden & King Diamonds future riffs and take all the credit for them! :p
8) You’ve won many awards, but what one meant the most to you?
Rich: Hmm that’s a tough one. I think it’s a three way tie between “Best Unsigned Band” award from Terrorizer Magazine, No.1 Added Record on Metal Radio USA and No.1 Rated video on Scuzz TV. I was absolutely ecstatic the day I found out all of those things. They mean a hell of a lot to me. We worked extremely hard for those.
9) Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer all ask you to support them for a world tour, the only problem is, all the tours are at the same time, what one do you pick?
Rich: That’s another tough one! Damn! It’s either Metallica or Megadeth. I’m a huge fan of both bands but Dave Mustaine is a massive influence on my guitar playing so I’d likely say Megadeth. Actually I don’t know! Yes I do. Megadeth! Can I phone a friend?
Pete: I can’t believe you just said “phone a friend” dude! I think Metallica would have the bigger crowds by far for us to play to, but they are old and slow now and I couldn’t stand Hetfield’s yodelling for more than one night without wanting to stab a knitting needle in my ear! I was never a fan of Anthrax or Slayer, they just never impressed me so I’m going with Rich and picking Megadeth!
10) What’s next for Warpath?
Rich: We have new shows being officially announced in the next few weeks which will see us visiting a country we’ve never been to before. Really excited about this! Off to Germany next month as well to play Thrash Inferno Festival. We will be filming another video for the album, for the track ‘Life Unworthy of Life’. We’re planning a new range of merchandise, more festival appearances and then at some point next year we begin work on the follow-up album.

Warpath are a four piece thrash band from Wales, they released their debut album Damnation in May 2008, the album was mastered by legendary guitarist James Murphy,  famaous for being in Testament and Death, among others. As of September 2008, all major retailers in Britain stock the album.

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