Ultimate Playlist #9: Pantera – This Love

This Love

This Love

In Honor of Dimebag, today This Love by Pantera will be entered into the Ultimate Playlist. This is my personal favorite Pantera song. Check it out.

Ultimate Playlist #8: The Damned – Smash It Up

Smash It Up

Smash It Up

From The Damned’s 1979 album Machine Gun Etiquette (released 30 years ago this month) came Smash It Up. You may recognize it from the movie Batman Forever, where it was covered by The Offspring.

Ultimate Playlist #7: Weezer – Pork And Beans

Pork And Beans

Pork And Beans, was the first single from The Red Album, and is not only a fantastic song, but it is the single greatest music video of all time…OF ALL TIME.

Ultimate Playlist #6: Stone Sour – Through Glass

Stone Sour - Through Glass

Taken from Stone Sour’s fantastic sophomore album, Come What(ever) May, Through Glass is a fantastic piece of music. Written by Corey Taylor about his frustration at the current music scene:

“I remember exactly where I was. It was 2004 and I was on tour with Slipknot. I was sitting in a European hotel room watching a music video channel, seeing act after act after act of this insane, innocuous, plastic music. They were plastic, bubbly, gossamer-thin groups where it was really more about the clothes they wore and the length of their cheekbones than it was about the content of the song they were singing.
It really made me mad. I was like, is this it? Have we just gone full circle? Did the singer/songwriter revolution never happen? Is it just the same drivel from the same replicate over and over again? ‘Through Glass’ is really a very angry song. It’s me basically calling ‘bullshit’ on pretty much everyone involved with the ‘American Idol’-type shows. It has its place, but when you’re basically cornering the market and making it very hard for anyone who actually writes their own music to get ahead, then it’s wrong and that’s really why I wrote this song.”

Ultimate Playlist #5: Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure

AVA - The Adventure

The debut single from Tom DeLonge’s Angels & Airwaves proved that Tom had something left after the demise of Blink 182, something totally different.

Here’s the band playing it live in San Diago for their Start The Machine DVD

Ultimate Playlist #4: Megadeth – À Tout le Monde

Megadeth - À Tout le Monde
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Youthanasia, À Tout le Monde is the fourth track to be added to the Ultimate Playlist. It is probably the most beautiful and heartfelt song Dave Mustaine has ever written. Words fail to describe this song… so I’ll let this nice little High Def video of the current line up playing it on the upcoming Blood In The Water DVD

Ultimate Playlist #3: Rob Zombie – Superbeast

Rob Zombie - Superbeast
Since its Halloween today, I thought I’d use a nice horror themed song for the Ultimate Playlist.

Rob Zombie is the epitome of horror, he sings about monsters and scary things, puts monsters and scary things in his artwork and music videos and then goes and directs horror movies.

Superbeast is a fantastic track from Rob’s first solo outing Hellbilly Deluxe.

Check it out

Ultimate Playlist #2: Fear Factory – Replica

Fear Factory - Replica

Fear Factory - Replica

From the 1995 album, Demanufacture, comes Replica, a complete BEAST of a song, heavy and brutal… and now that Dino and Burton are back together, we can see this beast of a track performed the way it should be!

Heres a live version with the classic FF line-up:

Ultimate Playlist #1: Anthrax – Safe Home

Anthrax - Safe Home

Anthrax - Safe Home

From the 2003 release, We’ve Come For You All, comes possibly Anthrax’s finest moment. Safe Home. I strongly urge everyone to check this out. If you need proof that Anthrax with Bush kicked ass, look no further than this song. Heres the band playing it with John Bush at Sonisphere 2009