Metallica – Rock Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

last night, Metallica performed at the 25th anniversary of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

they were joined by Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed And Ray Davies.

The setlist was:

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Turn The Page
Sweet Jane
White Light/White Heat
Iron Man
You Really Got Me
All The Day And All Of The Night
Stone Cold Crazy
Enter Sandman

Ultimate Playlist #3: Rob Zombie – Superbeast

Rob Zombie - Superbeast
Since its Halloween today, I thought I’d use a nice horror themed song for the Ultimate Playlist.

Rob Zombie is the epitome of horror, he sings about monsters and scary things, puts monsters and scary things in his artwork and music videos and then goes and directs horror movies.

Superbeast is a fantastic track from Rob’s first solo outing Hellbilly Deluxe.

Check it out

Interview: 42 Seconds Later

I recently had a chat with Southern California rockers 42 Seconds Later, see what they had to say here:
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Red Hot Chilli Peppers To Release New Album Next Year

RHCP drummer Chad Smith said this about the progress of the album:

“We’re gonna write for a while, it usually takes us a while”

He said it will be released:

“sometime next year, maybe this time next year”

Chuck Biscuits Isn’t Dead

Turns out he isn’t dead aftert all, Former bandmate Joey Keithley announced that he was in fact still alive.

Megadeth To Release Re-Recorded Album?

From the official Megadeth forum

I know that when we did the remasters, that we were also going to re-release the Studio Originals approximately five (5) years later, and hopefully with some new recordings.

I thought it would also be cool to go in and just pick 11 Megadeth Classics and re-record them, since I own them. Maybe my last recording for roadrunner could be all re-recordings in the studio with Chris and I laying down whatever we felt at the time. Imagine if we did new studio versions of “Black Friday” and “Looking Down the Cross.”

There are so many ideas and so much fun to be had. So lemme know about the back catalogue stuff. 

I think this would be awesome, some of the early MD albums had terrible production and this will make them sound much better, plus Chris B on guitar would be equally awesome. Hopefully New World Order gets an official release now too!

RIP Chuck Biscuits

Chuck Biscuits (real name Charles Montgomery) sadly passed away at 44 years old from throat cancer.

Biscuits was the original drummer for Danzig, and a member Black Flag and Social Distortion.


Skindred Announce UK Tour

Skindred will hit the UK again next March:

09 Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
10th Derby, The Royal
11 Colchester, Arts Centre
12 Woking, The Quake club
15 Preston, 53 Degrees
16 Edinburgh, Studio 24
17 York, Duchess
18 Birmingham, Academy 2
19 Newport, Tjs

Rob Zombie Signs With RoadRunner

Rob Zombie has signed with RoadRunner Records, and will release Hellbilly Deluxe 2 through the Louad & Proud Imprint.

“It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to make after all this time, but it had to be done, I love this new record and wanted to surround myself with an excited new group of people who can reignite my enthusiasm for working within a hard rock record label. Roadrunner seems to be the perfect place.”

Rob Zombie Explains Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Delay

Rob Zombie told Billboard:

“Basically the label wasn’t really in a position to promote it or deal with it, It was basically everything, from getting advance copies to the press to…There wasn’t even time to make a video  and we were leaving for the tour. There was the sense that every little thing about the record was rushed — not the music, ’cause that was done for a long time, and that was the thing that was so annoying. We spent so much time crafting the record, we didn’t want it to be something that was so chaotic that it became, ‘Oh, that’s done and gone’ two weeks later.”