42 Seconds Later & Warpath Albums Of The Decade

DN Favourites 42 Seconds Later and Warpath have told us their favourite albums of the decade.

42 Seconds Later:

The Darkness “One Way Ticket To Hell”
The Darkness “Permission To Land”
AC/DC “Black Ice”  The best AC/DC since Back in Black and For those about to Rock
Megadeth” The System has Failed”  Great album that features the return of Chris Poland.
Chickenfoot “Chickenfoot”
Journey “Revelation”

The Darkness “One Way Ticket To Hell”
Velvet Revolver “Contraband”
Lifehouse “Who We Are”
Journey “Revelation”

Voices by Matchbook Romance
That album showcases some spectacular understanding of musical theory and a vast knowledge of where to use what chord progressions correctly. The entire album seems to be in a minor key, and it’s a very good album as far as “concept albums” are concerned. It starts with the moment you are in that state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, and descends into a nightmare before an abrupt awakening. Wonderful album.


1. Iron Maiden – Brave New World (2000)
2. King Diamond – House Of God (2000)
3. Eidolon – Hallowed Apparition (2001)
4. Children Of Bodom – Hatecrew Deathroll (2003)
5. Primal Fear – Black Sun (2002)
6. Arch Enemy -Wages Of Sin (2001)
7. Twilightning – Delirium Veil (2003)
8. Dissection – Reinkaos (2006)
9. Annihilator – Metal (2007)
10. Nile – Those Whom The Gods Detest (2009)

Pete: I actually found it difficult to choose just 10 albums from the past decade that not only kick ass but inspire or had a huge impact on me as a person and musician. I mean I couldn’t just put the last few Iron Maiden and Annihilator albums! I wanted to include some by Megadeth, Testament, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites even the new Whitesnake one is amazing, but this list above is my personal Top 10 essential albums for the decade!

Top 10: Albums Of The Decade

The past decade has brought us some fantastic music from bands new and old. I’ve had the hard task of compiling a list of the top 10 albums of the past decade, here it is:

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Sad A7X News

I woke up this morning, and looked at Twitter, one of the trending topics was “RIP Rev” my heart immediatly sank.

James Owen Sullivan, better known as The Rev, drummer for Avenged Sevenfold was found dead in his home at the age of 28. The band released the following statement:

“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly, he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

RIP Rev, may you rock in peace.

Trent Reznor Promises New Material In 2010

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has said on the official NIN website that he will release new material next year:

“2010 has a number of things planned including new material from Nine Inch Nails and something else that isn’t Nine Inch Nails,”

A new NIN record will be fantastic, although the band will not tour and play it live, plus possibly a Reznor solo record could be good, would he do a solo tour? Only time will tell.

Kataklysm Announce New Album Title

Canadian death metallers Kataklysm will follow up 2008’s Prevail with Heaven’s Venom, which is due out next october through Nuclear Blast Records.

Happy Holidays From Stone Sour


Chimaira – The Infection Review

The Infection

The Infection is Chimaira’s latest instalment to their series of brutal, quality metal albums, and is definitely the best one yet.

The album is the highly anticipated follow up to 2008’s Resurrection, which was hard to top, but The Infection proves that Chimaira are forever getting better and releasing more quality albums of even higher standards than that of its predecessors.

The Venom Inside starts off the album with a mellow guitar part which on first listen would make you think “This Isn’t Chimaira…”. WRONG.

1:40 into the song and your brutally punched to the face with deep screams and Herrick’s rapid drum beats, Chimaira’s specialty.

The Infection is the perfect example of how tight the 6-man band are when making an album, the screams are great, the guitars are amazing, and the drumming is insane, and THAT’S what makes a true metal band.

On another point, the band begins to experiment with this album by placing melodic keyboard tunes through the song Frozen In Time which to be fairly honest, does give it a pretty good effect.

This album is a certain must-buy for any self respecting metalhead, this is definitely my number one album of 2009, it’s just sheer brilliance. Can’t wait for a follow up album and i know i’ll DEFINATELY be seeing them in March 2010, your a fool to miss it.


Highlights: The Venom Inside, Impending Doom, Coming Alive and Destroy And Dominate

DistortedNews Awards 2009

Welcome, to the first annual DistortedNews Awards.

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Bowling Four Soup UK Tour Announcement Imminent

Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup has announced via his Twitter that Bowling For Soup will announce a UK Tour on December 24th.

I should hopefully be going if they play Glasgow again, I will post the dates as soon as they are announced.

More Details About God Of War EP

The rest of the bands have been announced for the God Of war EP, it will be released by RoadRunner, so it is all RoadRunner artists.

Killswitch Engage, Opeth and Taking Dawn will be featured aswell as already confirmed Trivium and Dream Theater.