This Day In Music: December 8th

Five years ago today, Legenary metal guitarist dimebag Darrel was shot onstage.

Please take some time today to listen to some Pantera or Damageplan to rember a fallen legend…




This Day In Music: November 1st

Megadeth - Youthanasia 15 years ago today, Megadeth released the follow up to their most commercially successful album (Countdown To Extinction)


From Reckoning Day to Victory there isn’t a bad track on it. It also features not only one of my favorite Megadeth songs, but one of my favorite songs in general… À Tout le Monde.

In all, Youthanasia is definitely one of the best Megadeth albums, coming in just behind Countdown, Peace Sells and RIP.

If you don’t already own it, now is as good a time as ever to go out and buy it.

This Day In Music: October 27th

Motorhead - Bomber

Motorhead - Bomber


October 27th sees the 30th anniversary of Motorhead’s Bomber. released in 1979, featuring classic tracks such as Stone Dead Forever, Dead Men Tell No Tales & Bomber.

The album was produced by Jimmy Miller, who was a heroin addict, this could have possibly influenced the song Dead Men Tell No Tales, as it is Motorhead’s first anti heroin song.


Also on this day, both Scott Weiland (1967) (Stone Temple Pilots, Ex- Velvet Revolver) & K.K Downing (1951) (Judas Priest) were born.