Alter Bridge Announce UK Tour Support

Alter Bridge have announced that Slaves To Gravity will be the support act for their upcoming UK tour.

Alter Bridge release their new album AB III on Monday 11th October.

Alter Bridge Sign New Record Deal

Alter Bridge have signed with Roadrunner records for the release of their new album AB III. RR will release it everywhere except Nortyh America. The tracklisting for AB III is as follows:

  1. Slip To The Void
  2. Isolation
  3. Ghost Of Days Gone By
  4. All Hope Is Gone
  5. Still Remains
  6. Make It Right
  7. Wonderful Life
  8. I Know It Hurts
  9. Show Me A Sign
  10. Fallout
  11. Breathe Again
  12. Coeur D’Alene
  13. Life Must Go On
  14. Words Darker Than Their Wings

Alter Bride Announce UK Tour

Alter Bride have announced a UK tour for October this year:

October 16: Glasgow Academy
October 17: Newcastle O2 Academy
October 19: Manchester Academy
October 20: Nottingham Rock City
October 22: London HMV Apollo
October 23: Southampton Guildhall
October 25: Birmingham O2 Academy
October 26: Bristol Colston Hall

Slash Review

Slash Solo Album Cover


When a legend like Slash decides to make a solo album, he doesn’t do it by half, enlisting his friends to help him out, Slash has created what will surely go down as one of the greatest and most diverse rock albums of all time.

The album starts with a bang with Ghosts featuring The Cult lead singer Ian Astbury. This is a fantastic way to begin the album, the chorus seems to sum this whole project up with the line: “Kill the ghost, that hides in your soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll.” As expected the guitar work on this album is stellar, then again, Slash very rarely disappoints.

Up next is Crucify The Dead, with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, on first listen this song seemed to be an anti Black Sabbath song, but after reading into it, it is Ozzy’s view on the demise of Guns n’ Roses. This is a great track with haunting lyrics and one of the best vocal performances from Ozzy in a long time.

Surprising, one of my favourite tracks on this album is Beautiful Dangerous, featuring Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. This song shows Fergie has really versatile voice, she really can sing!

The two tracks on the album featuring the amazing voice of Myles Kennedy, Back From Cali and Starlight are also great. Myles is, in my opinion, one of the greatest singers in all of rock music, it’s no wonder he was considered for the job in Led Zeppelin.

Doctor Alibi, featuring Lemmy, is a rocked up Motorhead song, and you can’t go wrong with that. Lemmy isn’t the best singer in the world, but his voice suits the music and his lyrics are amazing!

Watch This, an instrumental jam, featuring Slash’s bandmate in Velvet Revolver Duff McKagan and Foo Fighterds main man Dave Grohl, is possibly the weakest track on the album, musically it is great, but it doesn’t offer much to the album as a whole, and at some points, it sounds exactly like (Velvet Revolver track) Slither.

Nothing To Say, featuring M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold is possibly the most “metal” track on the album. It has a sinister intro and the main riff is very Metallica-esque. M Shadows, as usual, offers a great vocal performance and the chorus is brilliant.

The final track on the album, We’re All Gonna Die, Featuring the legend that is Iggy Pop, is superb. It’s a fun, catchy and hillarious rock song. Iggy’s lyrics are brilliant: “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna whip it out and pee on the ground!” for example. This is a great way to end the album, it just shows how much fun it must have been for Slash to make this album.

I haven’t written about every track, but in all the album is definitely a must buy. If you call yourself a rock fan, then this album should be in your collection!


Highlights: Truthfully, the whole album.

Alter Bridge Complete Recording Of New Album

Alter Bridge posted the following update on their as yet untitled new studio album:

“We are pleased to inform you that the recording of our third album has been completed. It was an amazing journey and we believe that the songs that we have created are our most inspired and dynamic work to date.

“We all worked very hard on these songs, over a long period of time, and we are all fiercely proud of what we have recorded.

“We have played some of the rough mixes of the songs to a few of our ‘trusted ears’ and they are telling us that we have absolutely topped the ‘Blackbird’ album. The true test will come when we get to hear what all you fans think and we are very much looking forward to that day.

“The next step in the process will be mixing, which will begin in mid-April, in New York. The mixing will probably take a few weeks and once that is finished, we will begin the difficult task of deciding which songs will make the album. The goal is to release the album in September, before our planned October tour in Europe that will start in the U.K.”

Myles Kennedy… Next VR Singer??

So, lately Slash and (Alter bridge Frontman) Myles Kennedy have worked together a lot. Kennedy sings on the Slash album and Slash will play on Kennedy’s solo album. Slash has just announced that Kennedy will be singing on the Slash tour as well:

“I want to announce that Myles Kennedy is going to be fronting the band for the upcoming tour. Something I’m really stoked about.”

All I can think when I hear this news is, Velvet Revolver still don’t have a singer… Myles Kennedy is a fantastic singer… maybe I’m adding one and one together and getting a million, but my theory is that this is a try out for Velvet Revolver. Once the tour is over, give it a few months and my money is on Kennedy being announced as new VR frontman.

Slash New Album Information

The track listing and album cover for the slash solo album have been released.

Slash Solo Album Cover


the track listing is:

01. Ghost – Ian Astbury (The Cult) & Izzy Stradlin (Gn’R)
02. Beautiful Dangerous – Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)
03. Nothing To Say – M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
04. Crucify The Dead – Ozzy Osbourne
05. Promise – Chris Cornell
06. By The Sword – Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)
07. Doctor Alibi – Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead)
08. Saint Is A Sinner Too – Rocco De Luca (Rocco De Luca and The Burden)
09. Watch This – Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan
10. I Hold On – Kid Rock
11. Gotten – Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
12. We’re All Gonna Die – Iggy Pop
13. Starlight – Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge)

Creed – Full Circle Review


Full Circle

After eight years Creed have returned with their fourth studio album Full Circle.

The album opens with Overcome, a fantastic opening which seems to be the complete opposite of their earlier work, with a set of more fast paced songs giving the album an enjoyable and unconventional (for Creed) opening which is maintained throughout the album.

Yet despite a great opening there is a section in the middle of the album that is just awful and brings down the album as a whole. Songs like Rain, Away In Silence and Good Fight are songs that just remind anyone who dislikes Creed, why they dislike Creed, as they are incredibly slow, boring and they don’t fit in with the album.

Overall the album is great for People who like Creed as it is something new but still maintains their old style, and for people who haven’t heard Creed this is a good buy as it is an album with a solid track listing with one or two songs that go against this.


Highlights: Overcome, Suddenly, Fear.

Myles Kennedy Solo Album

I have been locked away working on my recordThere don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. It’s been an amazing experience. I’m working with some great people. I’ll go into more detail at a later date.

Myles Kennedy revealed on his Myspace blog, that he will be releasing a solo album, whilst his bandmates from Alter Bridge are on tour with then reformed Creed.

Slash Anounces Another Singer On His Solo Album

Slash has announced via Twitter that Myles Kennedy of  Alter Bridge to sing on the final track of his solo album.

He said:

“This track is awesome, it completes the record, Myles did an amazing job and the song is fucking great.”

Sounds cool, I really like Myles as a singer, can’t wait for the album to be released.