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Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax

The rumours are true, Joey Belladonna has rejoined Anthrax.

Scott Ian:

“I am super-excited about this, Joey and the rest of the band came to see me play at a club in New York, I hadn’t seen Joey for years, since the end of the reunion tour. Joey taps me on the shoulder, instant big hug, it felt like no time had gone by. The band dynamic is an interesting one — in Anthrax, Joey and I spent so many years of our lives together, we grew up together, we know each other so well, so it was like no time was lost.”

“We’ve got an unusual luxury of hindsight, We finished an album a year ago, we’ve lived with those 12 songs since then, and we can look back on them and see what we really love and what we can make even better, especially with Joey back in the fold.”

“John was a real stand-up guy about the situation, he knew we wanted to move forward at full speed, that we needed a total commitment to Anthrax, and he knew that wasn’t what he wanted. We certainly wish John well. We’ve had so many great times with him, and we appreciate his stepping in last summer at the last minute, and performing with us since then. He will always be an integral part of the Anthrax family.”

Joey Belladonna:

“I had been in touch with Charlie and Frank, then I got a call from their manager who said that everyone wanted me back in the band. I thought, ‘are you guys for real? You want me up there, fronting the band like it was before?’ I was thrilled. We’ve already started to reconnect with the old ways of having conversations. Everything is easy going and feels really good.”

Charlie Benate:

“We’re going to do these summer shows and gel as a band, get comfortable playing with each other again, and the energy from that should go right into making new music.”

“There are five or six songs from a year ago that we don’t want to change, we love them the way they are, other than having Joey making them his own with his vocals. Then there’s another five or six that we may want to rework, and then there are a bunch of other tunes that are still in the early stages, that we want to finish.”

“The band has been on an emotional roller coaster since last summer, but I think everything that we’ve had to deal with during that time was pushing us toward this, to Joey being back in Anthrax, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect or appropriate. To have Joey with us playing these shows with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth is the way it should be — as Anthrax’s vocalist from ’85 to ’92, he was part of the ‘Big Four.'”

Personally, I think they should have got John Bush, but I understand that it obviously wasn’t possible for them. Hopefully, when Worship Music (or whatever it might get called) comes out it’s a great album. The only question left is: Will the reunion last long enough for another album, or will they fall out again?

Joey Belladonna Rejoining Anthrax?

The rumour circulating the web right now is that Joey Belladonna will be rejoining Anthrax, just in time for the big four Sonisphere dates.

Supposedly Belladonna was spotted at a Fozzy concert in New York with Charlie Benante and Frank Bello. Also, on the Swedish Sonisphere website, on the Anthrax page, it says:

“Who is singing? Let’s say this: His initials are J.B. And he has one goal: a mosh, for everyone.”

That could mean John Bush also, but Belladonna did sing on Caught In A MOSH.

There are two ways to look at this story, Belladonna was a great singer back in the day, and recorded some of Anthrax timeless thrash classics, such as Among The Living and Persistence Of Time, but on their last reunion tour, his voice wasn’t up to scratch. John Bush, on the other hand, is flawless and since performing with Anthrax again, there has been nothing but positive feedback.

Personally, I think Belladonna is the wrong choice, but it would fit in with the big four tour.

Anthrax And Public Enemy To Tour???

MC Lars posted this on his Twitter:

“Scott Ian from Anthrax told me at a Brooklyn party that he was working on booking a reunion tour with Public Enemy soon.#bringthenoise2010

If this is true it will be fantastic, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the original tour. Plus hopefully this time, Anthrax will have John Bush, who regularly played Bring The Noise with Anthrax.

I’m putting it down as a rumor for now, but I think this would be a great way to bridge the increasing gap between Hip Hop and Metal (again).

Also, am I the only one who thinks MC Lars should open for them?

Top 10: Albums Of The Decade

The past decade has brought us some fantastic music from bands new and old. I’ve had the hard task of compiling a list of the top 10 albums of the past decade, here it is:

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John Bush Anthrax Information

“We did two shows  and they were both awesome,” said Bush, who was previously a member of ANTHRAX from 1992 to 2005. “And I’m committed to doing these five more dates, which is the Soundwave festival in Australia in February, and I’m looking forward to that.

“Playing Soundwave festival is gonna be cool. There are some really great bands on the bill, particularly FAITH NO MORE, who’ve reunited, whom I look forward to seeing.

“And that’s as far as it’s gone. I’m taking really tiny steps with that, because that feels like the natural thing to do.

“The experience’s been great so far. And the band is sitting on a record  that they’re probably a little unsure what to do with, and we’ve discussed that, and we’re trying to figure that out too. And I’ve listened to some music and it sounds cool.

“Doing shows is easy, for the most part. Remembering lyrics is the biggest challenge lately, and I’ve done pretty well with that at the two shows. I’m proud of myself. I guess all my memory abilities are still there, which is important. I haven’t gotten early signs of Alzheimer’s yet; I’m lucky. We even played a couple of songs at the Japanese show, like ‘Catharsis’, which we played once in the band’s career, and we didn’t even rehearse; that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment, I think.

“That being said, I kind of wanted to complete the new ARMORED SAINT album, as far as creativity-wise, before I could enter a new area of being creative with ANTHRAX. And I’ve talked to them and I wanted to be super-straight-up about everything.

“There’s a few things to iron out if I was gonna re-sing the record, basically. One is making sure that I have the capability of contributing in the proper way and in the most uplifting way. And also there are a couple of legal things to work out.

“The new ANTHRAX record’s done. I mean, Dan sang on it; it’s finished. So it’s an area that I’m still kind of entering with… not trepidation, but just… again, baby steps for me and trying to figure out the right way.

“Doing shows? That’s gravy; that’s easy.

“It was awesome playing live with ANTHRAX again. There’s obviously camarederie between me and those guys on stage. It’s powerful, it’s like we never stopped, and that’s easy.

“You know, when it comes to anything that’s happened in ANTHRAX on a personal level, it’s irreleveant as well.

“Once I decided to do the Knebworth gig, my mindset was, ‘Let’s go out and rule and kick ass and do the best we can,’ and that’s where it was. Anything else beyond that as far as some of the ins and outs of the group as far as the things that happened, it’s kind of behind me. Because it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m in a different place now. It just doesn’t matter. If I’m going to do a show, I’m gonna do the show. I’m not gonna do the show with a ‘But…’ or ‘Well…’ — one of those. I’m doing it. I’m in, and that’s it. Doing the record is a little different, but if it happens, I’m there and I’ll do it with everything I’ve got. Charlie and Frankie are the same, because those guys, they have kids, and I could bust their balls straight up and say those guys hated touring a lot of the time without kids. We’d go to Europe and they’d be like, ‘Grrr….’ ‘Cause they just weren’t the biggest fans of touring.

“Playing shows is easy, again… That’s gravy, that’s easy. The other 22 and a half hours of the day is, for me — and I’m sure those guys and a lot of people — the negative side of touring. Especially when you’re away from your family and especially now when you add kids to the mix. It’s hard. And I don’t wanna do that.

“We’ve already discussed it, and I’ve been pretty clear about it — I don’t wanna go out and slug it out for months on the road; I’m just not feeling that anymore. It doesn’t bring happiness to me. There’s like this two-and-a-half-week window where everything goes south and it’s just like, ‘I don’t wanna be here.’ Again, I can’t speak for other bands; I just know that that’s how ANTHRAX work, and I think those guys would agree with me — it’s just the way it is.

“So I think that playing the right shows in the right circumstances, especially if they’re big gigs, it’s very enticing and that sounds like fun.

“If I never have to walk into Harpo’s again in my life, or if I do, somebody needs to shoot me. Nothing personal against the city of Detroit — it’s just that that’s the kind of thing I just never wanna do again. And it’s not because I have this arrogant attitude — I’ve done it… and many times. I’ve been there. It’s just not what I wanna do with my life anymore at this stage. And I don’t think we have to, which is cool. Again, we’re trying to figure it all out.

“Those guys kind of were on the road, and then their road kind of got detoured; that’s life, let alone rock and roll.

“So that’s where we’re at. We’re kind of seeing what’s gonna happen, and everything’s been a positive thing.”

Rob Caggiano With Some Good News

Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano was on Maximum Threshhold on Saturday, he had this to say about Anthrax:

“We just got back from Japan. We played the Loud Park festival in Tokyo. That was pretty killer.

“We’re just kind of taking it easy right now, getting ready to finish the newANTHRAX record — getting things rolling with that. . . I’m producing and engineering the whole thing.

“I’m sure you guys know the whole story, but the record’s pretty much… I mean, it was done… and now, it’s not confirmed or anything yet — it’s unofficial — but it looks like John Bush’s gonna do the vocals on it. So we’re all kind of keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully it’s gonna go great. The record rules; we’re all really, really excited about it.”

“I really don’t wanna go too much into that whole thing (Dan Nelson), because it’s just gonna get weird. But Dan’s a good guy, and he’s a great, great singer — he sounds amazing. It just didn’t work out. It’s really as simple as that. We all tried this thing, this direction, and it just wasn’t working. But none of that stuff really matters. I mean, we’re all kind of looking to the future at this point. And it feels really good. I mean, the last few shows we did were awesome; we’re all really, really excited.”

“I think the fans are really gonna dig this new record, when it’s finally done.  It’s kind of a… definitely a progression from the last album. There’s definitely a few nods to the old-school stuff as well. It’s just all around a really, really, really strong record.”


Anthrax – Only – Loud Park Festival

Scott Ian of Anthrax just posted this on his twitter account

@Scott_Ian – ‘Only’ from the Loud Park Festival. 20K strong singing along!


Ultimate Playlist #1: Anthrax – Safe Home

Anthrax - Safe Home

Anthrax - Safe Home

From the 2003 release, We’ve Come For You All, comes possibly Anthrax’s finest moment. Safe Home. I strongly urge everyone to check this out. If you need proof that Anthrax with Bush kicked ass, look no further than this song. Heres the band playing it with John Bush at Sonisphere 2009


JB with Anthrax at sonisphere

JB with Anthrax at sonisphere

So, over the weekend, Anthrax again Re-United with former singer John Bush for Japans Loud Park Festival. This also happened in August for the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, England.

As we all know, Anthrax aren’t good at keeping vocalists, and parted ways with singer Dan Nelson earlier this year. To be completely honest, theres only one thing Anthrax can do to survive… BRING BACK BUSH… Permanently!!!

Back in August, UK metal magazine, METAL HAMMER, started a petition on their website to get Anthrax to bring back bush, so what say we all go and sign it (if you haven’t already). Heres the link: