Dave Mustaine Megadeth Announcement

Dave Mustaine teased for hours and finally, the announcement is…



Megadeth founder and frontman Dave Mustaine has announced the return of original bassist David Ellefson (1983-2002) to the iconic multi-platinum group. This reunion is appropriately timed to Megadeth’s upcoming historic month-long Rust In Peace 20th anniversary tour which launches March 1 in Spokane, WA. At these incredibly special shows, Megadeth will play their landmark, genre-defining 1990 album Rust In Peace in its entirety, in addition to other Megadeth favorites.

“This shows the power of brotherly love and forgiveness,” Mustaine says. “David Ellefson belongs in Megadeth. Next we are going to show you the power of getting your asses kicked…HARD!”

David Ellefson concurs: “This is a huge moment for all of us, band and fans alike. It is a great celebration of the music from one of the biggest landmark albums of our career.”

Ellefson will join Mustaine and Megadeth band members Shawn Drover (drums) and Chris Broderick (guitar) on tour in support of the group’s current CD Endgame, which has received some of the highest critical accolades of the band’s career.

“We’d like to thank James LoMenzo for several years of loyal service on the bass, and wish him the very best,” Mustaine adds.

For more information on Megadeth, go to: www.megadeth.com.”

Dave Mustaine Megadeth Update

Dave Mustaine posted an update on the officila Megadeth forums:


For the last few weeks I have been telling you about a huge project coming up. Well, yesterday I submitted our work for approval and it was approved, so very soon we will be able to say ‘what’ this very big announcement is. Rest assured it involves a new song that I have just recently written, with more co-writing from Chris Broderick. It’s another aggressive, complicated Megadeth track, and I will give you more details as soon as I can.

I was looking at the top 100 albums on Amazon in the Thrash category and we have 16 records in the Top 100 on their site. What a great feeling!

You also no doubt saw all of the tour dates coming in for 2010, which promises to be an extensive touring year. We are planning on (in no particular order – but this is close) doing the R.I.P. tour all of March with our dear friends in Exodus and Testament, which is progressing, then to South America in April, then Europe in June and early July, then Canada in late July, then the States in August with Slayer, then back to the Pacific Rim after that and HOPEFULLY Australia and New Zealand again. We are trying to make our “Pac Rim Tours” always include New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea.

Hopefully we will soon be playing in China (and surrounding areas like Hong Kong, Taipei, and Taiwan), and also in Malaysia (of course we would need the government’s permission because we have been banned from playing in Malaysia because of a Satanic ritual where someone painted Megadeth at a crime scene and the government blamed us and banned us).

More to follow . . .

Megaman “

So… a “Huge project.” We can only speculate at this point, but it may be a new album or possibly the Megadeth Guitar Hero game that was rumoured a few weeks ago.

New Dave Mustaine Dean Signature Guitars To Be Released

Dave posted this on the official Megadeth forums:

“We are going to debut and release the Dean ‘Dave Mustaine Signature Line – ZERO’ at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

One of the versions of the ZERO will be with a Black paintjob with Vic pulling the hood off of a prisoner.

Of course there will be other finishes and paintjobs, but this will be the first one, besides the obvious ZERO – Retro, and this is a real looking aged guitar, and not like so many of the worn looking new guitars that have been made and issued, or reissued by the originators of the guitars.

Besides the superior playability, these guitars look great!”

Sounds good, as far as I know, the ZERO is an explorer shape guitar… And now comes the Hetfield remarks.

Another Fallout Between Dave Mustaine And David Ellefson

David Ellefson was the original Bassist in Megadeth, and a founding member along with Mustaine, he stayed with the band up until Dave’s arm injury.

Ellefson had sued Mustaine in the past but the two had overcome their differences and became frineds, until this was posted on the official Megadeth forums, taken from a comment on Blabbermouth:

I worked assisting David Ellefson for the last 3 years by creating myspaces registered in my name with his content.
In the summer he joined Haill with their piece of crap manager Mark Abbatista.
This Fall Mark attempted to get me to put pornography on one of the sites to promote Ellefson’s next attempt at anything and when I refused he stole all the contents of the myspace and started another one because “I wouldn’t listen to the manager”. Instead of telling me…after 3 years of service David distracts me by having me find him designers to update the sites I had created so I wouldn’t notice the material being copied or the sites being put up.
Never has David provided me with anything for 3 years of service. He admitted that the site got him gigs (including the Hail Lebanon show which was actually booked off my personal Facebook page) and conferences and clinics.
This guy bitched to me day and night about Mustaine stealing from him…lol! This guy is the greediest fucker in the business…its all about the Benjamins for Ellefson…don’t let him kid you. He’s a Sunday Christian and when he was approached about doing a fundraiser for abused kids only one hour from his home in Scotsdale he told them he wouldn’t do it for less than $1700. When I asked him to donate $250 to a charity for children with cancer to make good what had been done wrong with his manager…he refused.
Mustaine has a coffee company and all of the proceeds go to creating clean water for 3rd world countries. All Ellefson does is whine he doesn’t get enough money from his Mega-days and that when he went down to visit Mustaine a month and a half ago to talk about a reunion, all Ellefson could talk about was money…he didn’t want to jam…he just wanted to know how much he was going to get paid. When Mustiane told him the wrong dollar amount…he said he was making more with what he was doing.
So this joke of a Rock Shop about Team Building…he has no idea.
I was fooled into thinking that Dave Mustaine was an asshole. He may be outspoken and sometimes say things before thinking. However, Ellefson got everything he deserved…and that’s nothing.
I hope Mustiaine reads this so he also knows that Ellefson is going around telling people that Mustaine is addicted to oxycontin. He’s telling everyone.
Team Builder? Nice try David.

Metal legend Dave Mustaine responded with:

“I see it and I am not surprised.

I don’t get it, and I forgave him, too.

Boy isn’t the truth bittersweet to taste!

as far as my side, i am sorry, but one of the parties has to maintain some dignity here.

set your watches to see how long this reply takes to hit blubbermouth.

i can tell you that i feel like this . . . 

My dear Droog, this is something that should be private and if you want to send your contact into to our beloved webmaster, that would probably be a better way to communicate, if I feel I want to do that.

Right now, I am really sad to see him do this, although I feel that I am being exhonerated and I believe the source.

Welcome to All things mega! 

My opinion of this is that people who comment on Blabbermouth are usually a bunch of liars, so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, and I’m very sorry for Dave that he had to find out this about someone he thought was his friend. but I’m glad hes taking the high ground.

Lars Ulrich & Dave Mustaine Join Forces…

… To write the foreword for Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler’s autobiography, Am I Evil?

it will be available through www.diamond-head.net at £16.95

Blessed By A Broken Heart Bassist – “I Honestly Do Not Have One Racist Bone In My Body”

The Bassist of Blessed By A Broken Heart has responded to Dave Mustaine’s claim that he was being racist:

“Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Hoare — I’m the ‘blonde guy’ from Blessed By A Broken Heart.

This whole incident has really taken a toll on me, because I honestly do not have one racist bone in my body. I know people always say that, but those who know me know that’s the God’s honest truth.

I promise you that if you talk to anyone who knows me personally, the accusation of ‘racist’ would be the last thing that anyone would think of. Stupid, maybe, ‘weird sense of humor,’ maybe, but definitely not racist…

“To share with you a bit of where I’m coming from: I have a mentally handicapped foster brother who is black that I love with all my heart. My ex-girlfriend of three years is black. I am a tattoo artist, and my clients are of all races.

To Willie: I am very sorry I made you feel uncomfortable, it was not my intention AT ALL. If you knew me, you would know that I joke around alot and say stupid things, but a racist I am not. I guess I overstepped my boundaries because I didn’t know you that well, but it’s only because I felt really comfortable hanging with you.

For those of you who’ve read enough, please know that I apologize to Willie, who was nothing but super-cool to me, and anyone else in the crew that may have been offended.

I hope this will serve to clear things up.

For those of you who want to know how one thing led to another, the details are below.

When we got to the venue and started setting up, Megadeth was doing a soundcheck on the same stage where we would play. I noticed that their guitar tech was black and actually thought to myself that that was sweet, because we don’t see many black guys in the metal scene. I went over, shook Willie’s hand and chatted a bit. Later, we started talking and I brought up that ‘South Park’ episode where Cartman is trying to form a band. Willie was familiar with it, and we laughed together about it, and I was like, ‘You should be a bass tech.’ I was making fun of the stereotype, which was also done in ‘South Park’. In no way do I think black people cant play guitar — that’s just crazy, obviously!

We continued to chat and hang for another 5-10 minutes, and I was not getting a vibe that I had offended, or I would have straight out told him ‘Sorry, dude.’ I was just making a joke, making fun of people that have these stereotypes.

I’m sorry that this got misconstrued or overheard by folks who did not understand the context of our conversation, or the fact that I am sometimes, indeed, a little ’stupid.’”

Dave Mustaine Issues Update

Megaman Dave Mustaine has poted another update on the official Megdeth forums:


There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a Big Four Tour and while I find the timing peculiar, the opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because we all are really so very different now, and the chances of this happening are probably not going to come around again in the future; due to personal plans, new ventures, and the inevitable passing of torches to the next generation in each of our respective genres (or the sub-genres that were created).

While there is nothing to say at this point, if it happens, when it happens we, as well as my other three fellow horsemen, will let you know.

When we played Loud Park, our dressing room become the den of iniquity for all the marquis talent for the night.

Although some of the other bands tried to come in, (Blessed By A Broken Heart – who’s blonde band member came close to getting his ass handed to him for racist comments to and about my tech, Willie Gee – I am glad I didn’t hear or I would have another story about bodily harm). 

Our crew and the Japanese crew were keeping it just to our friends and the top acts. In fact, at one time we had me and Kerry King talking, Dave Lombardo holding court with several people, Akira Takahashi was hanging with Shawn, Glen Tipton from JP, the guys from Anvil, and lots of journos, photogs, and record company people all in my dressing room.

Funny, it seems like Blabbermouth and Roadrunner USA are the only people who don’t like me or Megs anymore.

Such a shame 

However! I am heading back to the States today, and going to recharge my batteries, get check-up at the shop, make sure our gear is running right, and make the beginning of several new changes that should take us up another level for our shows and our performances.

That’s it for now, and be sure to check out Megadeth Radio this Thursday for our big debut!!!

Love and Bruises,


Well, looks like the big four tour might still be on, how cool would it be for Anvil to open aswell. I’m, also dissapointed to hear about Blessed By A Broken Heart making racist comments.

Guess What… Mustaine Again

Norwegian journalist Kristin Winsents has responded to Dave’s messages last night:

“Dear Dave Mustaine,

I am very sorry that I disgust you. I am a big fan of your new album, and I have great respect for you as the undisputed leader of one of the most successful metal bands of all time. However, I will not stand for threats, and I find it sad that a 48-year-old man with 30 years of media experience tries to put the blame for his own words on me.

I did not force you to talk about METALLICA.

You want to see the whole interview? You are more than welcome. I am sorry to inform you, though, that it will blow your perception of me asking questions about METALLICA. Because I did not.”

Also, a colleague of hers posted this:

This story is about old times as well as the excellent ‘Endgame’.

Kristin went to the interview with the intention of talking a lot about’Endgame’, an album she had ‘twittered’ enthusiastically about since hearing ‘Head Crusher’ for the first time. It was Dave Mustaine who started talking about METALLICA, religion, pot dealing etc.

To the people who claim that Mustaine was ‘manipulated’ by’Lydverket’, remember that Dave Mustaine has been in the limelight for almost three decades, he knows the game. And if you’ve heard Kristin on NRK P3, seen her on ‘Lydverket’ TV, or read some of the stuff she’s written the last two decades, you know she’s not a tabloid, scandal-seeking kind of journalist. I don’t even have to defend her; she’s hands down one of the best and most thorough music journalists around here.

Having said that: I seriously don’t understand why this interview has caused so much spectacle, and I’m especially in the dark on whyMustaine himself is so pissed. He comes across as articulate, funny, honest, ambitious, and FAR more driven than most younger and older metal musicians.

We’ll get back to the rest of the interview next week; it’s a great piece of journalism about a true metal legend.

Stay tuned, people.”

So, I guess next week we will find out the truth. Personally I don’t know which side to believe. Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Dave Mustaine to Norweigian Journalist – “You Disgust Me”

Dave left another message today on the Megadeth Forums:


You have got to be kidding! As if there aren’t enough stupid people in the world.

Now I have some “thing” reading my post in my forum from me – a guy who is notoriously a wiseguy (since she doesn’t seem very bright, I’ll give you a clue – I mean me), AND I PURPOSELY SAID “GUY” FOR A REASON, SO THIS SELF-CENTERED SCRIBE would say, “well he has got to be joking, because I am (maybe not) a girl.”

Did you think iI was going to like it? Deep down inside, are you that mean spirited that you had to do this to me? DO we REALLY need one more person asking me about Met, or do we really need one more person to jump on me?

Oh yeah, we wouldn’t have you in our fanclub: even Megadeth has standards.

Instead, you insult someone who is reasonably smart, and say I don’t remember you were a girl. And people wonder why I want to have my interviews monitored; because of assholes who keep asking the Met questions. You show the clip that says, “I am tired of being second,” and then you cleverly cut to “Crush ’em” and play the line that says, “you’ll never be more than second best?”

You disgust me!

Besides not being very clever, being an instigator, and just plain not very smart, you can now add “gullible” to the litany of tabloid rag jouranlism credits you’ve amassed over your illustrious career (NOT!). Oh, by the way, if those credits mattered before, they don’t matter anymore now that you are just a trash novelist.

When you have credits in the USA, then you will matter to me.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you put the enitire interview up, so that people can see that I said that I don’t want to answer it; so that people will see just how you really are. Just disgraceful! I hope you don’t have any children that will follow in your claw prints.

That was a long interview and you cut it up for your own benefit. You didn’t play one note of our new record. Nothing. Am I supposed to say, “Wow, what a funny bitch?”

We were promoting our new record ENDGAME, since you probably don’t know the name of it (add to list of several billion things you don’t know) and you didn’t say shit about it. NOTHING.

Did you think that I came all the way to Germany and the UK to sit down and have you try to humiliate me? What the fuck is wrong with you???

Shame on you and shame on your shity style – OR LACK THEREOF. More like shame on whoever gave you anything better than a dismissive wave and a parting gift.

The problem, is, NOW I really am pissed, and YESTERDAY I was joking.

And frankly, if you are a noteworthy journalist, host or presenter I feel sorry for the good people of Norway.

In closing, I am not going to put you in the hospital, since you clearly don’t know that it was a JOKE (and I do know you were/are a female). Frankly, I wouldn’t even slap you, because shit splatters.


A highlight has got to be “I wouldn’t even slap you, because shit splatters”

He then posted this:


Now that I am awake, I have had a chance to think about what I have said and I have handled this wrong.

I was deeply offended by what I saw in an interview yesterday, and I posted something. I made a mistake saying something.

I read the journalists reply, and I am glad she laughed it off, and I wanted to delete my previous post this morning, but not until I wrote this.

Kristin we will never be friends, but thank you for not taking this serious.


Well at least he has calmed down a bit now, I wonder if there will be more to this story or if this will be the end.

Dave Mustaine Update… Again

So, Kristin Winsents says it was Dave who brought up Metallica.

“The fact that he does not even remember that the interview was conducted by a woman says that he does not remember the interview clearly”

“I actually tried to follow the guidelines that were set for the interview, which was to not talk about METALLICA, but it was he who chose to bring the subject up,”

“When one has been one of metal’s superstars for almost thirty years, one should understand the what doing an interview is all about. I am a journalist, not a part of his fan club,”