Joey Belladonna Rejoining Anthrax?

The rumour circulating the web right now is that Joey Belladonna will be rejoining Anthrax, just in time for the big four Sonisphere dates.

Supposedly Belladonna was spotted at a Fozzy concert in New York with Charlie Benante and Frank Bello. Also, on the Swedish Sonisphere website, on the Anthrax page, it says:

“Who is singing? Let’s say this: His initials are J.B. And he has one goal: a mosh, for everyone.”

That could mean John Bush also, but Belladonna did sing on Caught In A MOSH.

There are two ways to look at this story, Belladonna was a great singer back in the day, and recorded some of Anthrax timeless thrash classics, such as Among The Living and Persistence Of Time, but on their last reunion tour, his voice wasn’t up to scratch. John Bush, on the other hand, is flawless and since performing with Anthrax again, there has been nothing but positive feedback.

Personally, I think Belladonna is the wrong choice, but it would fit in with the big four tour.

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