Trivium Announce New Drummer

It looks like Travis Smith is officially out of Trivium. Heres the press release from the bands official website:

“We’re really happy to have our good friend and fellow Floridian Nick Augusto join the Trivium family. Nick’s drumming is very technical and diverse and he brings a real intense energy to the band and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the new song, ‘Shattering the Skies Above,” that we just recorded with Nick. I think it’s the best Trivium recording we’ve ever done; it’s raw, full of energy and I think Nick’s drumming really pushed us to a new level.”

There were rumours of Travis leaving the band a few months ago and now it looks official, however there may still be more to this story, like why Travis has left the band, keep checking back here for more details.

Trivium Drummer To Miss Tour

Trivium drummer Travis Smith, will mis the bands upcoming US tour, because of “Personal Business”

He will be replaced by his former drum tech Nick Augusto.