Bowling For Soup – Sorry For Partyin’ Review

BFS album cover

BFS album cover

Seven albums in, Bowling For Soup are still going strong, catchy and funny as ever.

Album opener A Really Cool Dance Song is the perfect way to open the album, possibly BFS’s catchiest song yet… and it has keyboards!! A brilliant chorus and lot’s of  funny bits throughout.

No Hablo Inglese, an ode to pretending to be mexican to get out of trouble, is BFS at their finest, catchy, funny and sing-a-long-y.

Then comes My Wena, first single from the album… I don’t want to ruin it so I’d recommend you watch the uncensored video.

The album sounds like a continuation of all the previous albums, up until, I Gotchoo… a Rap song… that barely makes sense… with a heavy metal breakdown… AWESOME!!

So basically, its 45 more minutes of pop/punk fun from a great band. Very enjoyable.


Highlights: A Really Cool Dance Song, No Hablo Inglese, I Gotchoo