Rust In Peace On Rock Band

The 24th September 2010 is a very important day, firstly it is my 18th birthday… and secondly it is the 2oth anniversary of the greatest metal album of all time, and Dave Mustaine’s finest moment… Rust In Peace.

To commemorate this the entire album will be available on Rock Band on the 9th of February.

All the tracks will be the original master recordings and not the 2004 remaster, which should be good because the original is far better than the remaster.

I don’t know the pricing for PS3 but on Xbox 360 it will be 160 Microsoft Points for a single track and 1200 for the full album.

Great News For US Megafans

Megadeth have announced a US tour with Exodus and Testament, but its not just any tour, its the Rust In Peace 20th anniversary tour, in which the band will play the entire RIP album in its entirety.

This will be a fantastic show, you have no idea how much I’m hoping for this to come to the UK.

for Tour dates check or