God Of War: Blood & Metal EP Review

God of War

God Of War: Blood & Metal

Roadrunner records have teamed up with Sony and Playstation to release this EP of songs from Roadrunner artist, paying tribute to the game.

First up is Killswitch Engage with My Obsession. This is a standard Killswitch song, they’re not breaking new barriers, but it’s still a great song, and if you are a fan, you will definitely love this track. I know a lot of people were disappointed with the last KsE record, and this is them back on top form, it’s much better than most of the tracks on the self titled album.

Next is Trivium with Shattering the Skies Above. On this track the band return to the style of their earlier albums, Ascendancy in particular. At first, I didn’t really like this track, as I wasn’t a big fan of Ascendancy, but after a few plays it really did grow on me. It has a fantastic chorus and the guitars are nice and heavy, with a great solo.

Dream Theater rarely disappoint on record, especially on an instrumental, Raw Dog is no exception. This is a fantastic metal track with great riffs and excellent musicianship, but this is expected from some of the greatest musicians to walk the planet.

This Is Madness by Taking Dawn is an ode to 300, with the lyrics borrowing from lines from the movie: “This is Spartaaaaa!” and such.  even though this song has brilliant subject matter, it does sound a little raw compared to the rest of the tracks on this EP, it sounds more like a demo. It is more “metal” than any of the tracks on their album however and is still a great song.

Opeth offer a break from all the heaviness with their track The Throat Of Winter. It’s a more acoustic affair, but it somehow still fits in with the rest of the EP. This is a beautiful track, and a great addition to Opeth’s stunning back catalogue.

The EP ends with The End by Mutiny Within, which is another great track and a superb way to finish a superb EP. This song would fit in perfectly with Mutiny Within’s début album, it has great musicianship and brilliant vocals, plus a chorus to die for.

In all, this is a great EP, the only downside is that its only 30 minutes long!


Mutiny Within Review

Mutiny Within

Mutiny Within

Mutiny Within have been described as “Dream Theater meets Killswitch Engage,” but can they live up to that name?

The answer is a 100% Yes, combining excellent musicianship with heaviness and perfect vocal hooks. This is Mutiny Within, and they are your new favourite band.

Starting with a 20 second piano intro, opener Awake bursts into a fantastic riff and brilliant vocals, mixing clean hooks with brutal screams, metalcore style.

Year Of Affliction deserves to be played on all rock radio stations, It has one of the best choruses I’ve heard all year. This will certainly go down a storm live.

Mutiny Within never get too heavy for the casual listener, but they never go too poppy for the more “metal” audience, which is why this album is so great, it appeals to almost everyone.

Oblivion is another fantastic track, again with a great chorus and brilliant musicianship, with some cool dual guitar harmonies. There’s also a breakdown which reminds me of Coheed & Cambria.

I think this is a very strong candidate for album of the year. One of the best début albums I’ve heard in the past few years.

Another thing that makes this album so good is the production, everything is crystal clear, the vocals have been layered perfectly and the guitars sound superb, with a crunchy rhythm tone which helps the leads stand out really well. the piano added into most of the tracks sounds beautiful as well.

Bands like As I Lay Dying, All That Remain and, dare I say it, the mighty Killswitch Engage should be keeping a close eye on what this band are doing, because they have taken the formula created by the afore-mentioned bands, and made it their own, adding prog sensibilities to create a really fresh sound.


Highlights: Awake, Year Of Affliction, Oblivion, Undone, Suffocate