Heaven & Hell To Pay Tribute To Dio

The three remaining members of Heaven & Hell will pay tribute to fallen member Ronnie James Dio at High Voltage festival.

The band will play classic song’s with guest vocalists including Glenn Hughes and Jorn Lande.

Geezer Butler:

“It’s going to be a very emotional occasion. Ronnie loved his fans like no-one else I know – and they loved him. It will be a privilege doing a gig in honour of his memory, and to help towards his charity. Above all, I hope it encourages people to have regular check-ups for this disease. Early detection is vital, and greatly improves the chance of a cure. I know everyone has heard that a million times before, but seeing one of your best friends die because we all think we’re immune from this disease, really brings it home. Do it for yourself, your family, your friends. Ronnie would be proud of you.”

Tony Iommi:

“Ronnie’s passing has left a huge hole, we hadn’t anywhere near finished what we set out to do as a band together. He was so looking forward to the European tour and we hope this appearance will go some way to fulfilling that.”

Black Sabbath Members Comment On Peter Steele’s Death

Geezer Butler and Bill Ward have commented on the passing of Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele.

Geezer Butler:

“I was so saddened to hear of Pete Steele passing away. He truly was one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met. He came to the first G//Z/Rgig, in New York, showing his support for us. I last saw him in Copenhagen, on the Heaven & Hell tour, where he interviewed me for a bassist-to-bassist piece. We had lots of fun talking together. I always maintained that the best Sabbath cover was Type O’s version of Black Sabbath on the Nativity In Black album. I always looked forward to hearing what he’d come out with — he was always surprising, musically, and such a very special person. One of the truly great ones has now left the stage. R.I. P., Pete — Bog Blast yea.”

Bill Ward:

“The flamboyant ambassador of metal’s substratum is dead. I am diverted from my next indicated thing to do. I am compelled to pause and digress and re-listen to one of my all-time favorite bands, Type O Negative. I fall into memorable moments, to enhance my first discoveries of Peter Steele. I don’t want to believe he’s died. I’ve felt in shock since the early morning sad news of today arrived. Peter Steele — a brilliant musician, songwriter, singer has died. His death is a tragedy and heartbreaking. His passing is an enormous loss to the metal community and to music, period. In music, he challenged life itself in a poetic, prophetic, charismatic and extraordinarily insightful way. A world observer, a teller of tales, a renaissance man, a man from the future, a powerful force in today’s maladies and life challenges. This man will not be forgotten. I raise my goblet of water and praise him. I thank him, and I burn candles and desire incense aromas to fill our house, now illuminated in his honour. Candles burning outside flicker, and the sea crashes onto the shore. We are still. We are in memory. Peter, you will be celebrated forever.”