Coheed and Cambria – Year of the Black Rainbow Review

Year of the Black Rainbow

Year of the Black Rainbow

Progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria return with the prequel to the Armory Wars story.

Many people over look Coheed, because they think having the storyline is childish. But they don’t realise that the story is just a way for Claudio to express his feelings. On YOTBR, however, it seems like Claudio is coming out of his shell and letting the story take the back seat. tracks like Pearl Of The Stars and Here We Are Juggernaut seem much more personal than any previous Coheed track.

First track proper, The Broken kicks the album off brilliantly. There are some really cool guitar parts and when the chorus kicks in it shows how epic this album is.

This is the kind of album that you have to listen to in full, unlike the previous two Coheed albums, where there have been tracks that work outside the context of the album.

The first single from the album, Here We Are Juggernaut, which was by Claudio about his relationship with his wife, is a beautiful track. It is an amazing soundscape with a brilliant chorus.

That’s one thing this album does perfectly, everything seems so epic and huge, it’s not a straight up rock album. There are so many weird sounds and synth parts, which create the amazing sense of grandeur. This is truly a fantastic album, and the perfect way to close (or begin) the Armory Wars saga.


Highlights: The Broken, Here We Are Juggernaut, This Shattered Symphony, Pearl Of The Stars

Coheed & Cambria Album Artwork

Year Of The Black Rainbow

Year Of The Black Rainbow

New Coheed & Cambria Song Online

New track, The Broken, from the forthcoming album Year Of The Black Rainbow, is streaming on the bands official website.

Coheed & Cambria Announce New Album Tracklisting

Prog-Metallers Coheed & Cambria have announced the tracklisting for Year of the Black Rainbow:

1. One
2. The Broken
3. Guns of Summer
4. Here We Are Juggernaut
5. Far
6. The Shattered Symphony
7. World of Lines
8. Made Out of Nothing
9. Pearl of the Stars
10. In the Flame of Error
11. When Skeletons Live
12. The Black Rainbow

Year of the Black Rainbow will be the prequel to the bands four other studio releases. Special copies of the album will come with a novel written by Claudio Sanchez, the bands lead singer/guitarist.

Coheed And Cambria Album Details

Year Of the Black Rainbow will be released in April, 2010. Atticus Ross and Joe Barresi will produce it.  Here We are Juggernaut, The Broken, Pearl of the Stars, and Guns of Summer are the announced tracks so far.