Bullet For My Valentine – Fever Review


Bullet For My Valentine have been dividing opinions since the release of the début album, but now they are back with their third effort, Fever.

Are they metal? Are they emo? Are they posers? Are they good? Just some of the questions asked about BFMV. Well, in this review I will answer those questions.

Firstly, Are they metal? Of course they are, Just listen to Your Betrayal, The Last Fight, Begging For Mercy. All fantastic metal songs, no, metal anthems. BFMV have taken the traditional metal formula and added pop sensibilities to make sure their songs get in your head and never leave.

Emo? People really need to stop using this word, just because their songs have emotional value that means they are emos? Well if that’s so then James Hetfield: emo, Corey Taylor: emo, Phil Anselmo: emo. Most good music is about something important to the artist who wrote it, so it’s definitely going to have some emotional value to them. Tracks like Bittersweet Memories, A Place Where You Belong and Pretty On The Outside would all probably be lumped in as emo by people who don’t know what they are talking about. But these are all great tracks and help give Fever a more balanced sound.

BFMV definitely aren’t posers, Matt Tuck sings with so much conviction in his voice, there is no faking that. These are four guys who love what they are doing. Okay, they have the pretty boy looks, but that doesn’t mean anything, listen to the album and you will see, BFMV are for real, there’s nothing fake about these guys.

Now, to the most important question. Is Fever any good? The answer to this question is a big, fat 100% yes!

On Fever, BFMV have taken the best parts of their first two albums, got rid of the bad bits and created a spectacular album. There aren’t any bad tracks, and each track sounds individual as Matt Tuck has finally changed his vocal pattern, giving each song a different sound. Fever is going to be hard to top. Tracks like Fever, Your Betrayal and Alone are built for stadiums. Epic sounding, huge choruses and fantastic riffs and solos. What more do you want from a metal band?

Fever is Bullet’s masterpiece, a superb album that everybody should own.


Highlights: Your Betrayal, Fever, The Last Fight, Bittersweet Memories, Pretty On The Outside

Bullet For My Valentine – Your Betrayal Video

BFMV Announce Album Title Plus Free Track

Bullet For My Valentine have announced the title of their new album will be Fever.

They are also giving away the track Begging For Mercy for free here

The album is to be released on the 26th of April in the UK and 27th in the US.

The free track is a stormer, a definate step up from Scream Aim Fire and The Poison.

New BFMV Song Next Week?

According to Metal Hammer, there will be anew Bullet For My Valentine track released next Tuesday on their new official website.