Interview: Johan Söderberg of Amon Amarth

I had the opportunity to ask Amon Amarth guitarist, Johan Söderberg some questions about their new album and UK tour with Children of Bodom.

DistortedNews: Are you happy with the reaction Surtur Rising has been getting?

Johan Söderberg : Yes I’ve only heard good things about it.

DN: Is the new material going down well live?

JS: Yeah its a good response,and its always cool to play new songs live in the beginning of the touring cycle for the album.

DN: What’s it like touring with Children Of Bodom?

JS: This is the third time we tour with them and its good times as always.

DN: Both bands have a reputation for being fond of alcohol, has there been any drunken chaos on the tour?

JS: Now we need to concentrate on playing the new songs so we need to take it a little easy on the alcohol. We don’t wanna have the shows suffer from hangover. But there is of course some partying going on.

DN: There are a few cover songs on special editions of the album, what were the reasons behind recording these? 

JS: We needed some extra material for the special editions so we chosed some songs we thought was fun to cover.

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