The Defiled – Grave Times Review


Grave Times


The Defiled showed they were capable of something huge on their début EP 1888 released in 2009. it contained 5 tracks of brutal metalcore, with huge vocal hooks and some really cool synths.

With Grave Times, the band have exceeded all expectations and released a bona fide contender for album of the year.

Opening with In The Land Of Fools, one of the heaviest tracks the band has written, they set the standard of what to expect with Grave Times, astoundingly heavy riffs and choruses to die for.

First single, Call To Arms, is already going down a storm live, and I can only imagine how huge it will sound now that everyone knows the words. Hyperbole aside, this is one of the best choruses I have ever heard. After listening to the track once, I was infected. The refrain of “Call to arms, it’s in out hands…” had taken residence in my head and was not leaving any time soon.

The only track from 1888 to appear on Grave Times is The Ressurectionists, which has been re-recorded. The track retains everything which made it stand out on the EP, and basks in the glory of the higher production value on the album.

What stops The Defiled from being just another metalcore band, is The AVD. His synths and keyboards add another dimension to the bands sound. The simple electronic noises and effects that he adds to the tracks is what makes you keep listening to the album, as every time you hear something you hadn’t noticed before. Listen to In Your Name from 3.15 to see him really shine.

Another highlight is the closing track, Final Sleep. This track is a complete departure from the bands usual sound, with quiet guitars and vocalist Stitch Downer using only his clean vocals. The song is very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nail’s Hurt. Not that the songs sound alike, but Final Sleep has a very similar vibe, and the synths towards the end are quite NIN-esque. With beautiful and haunting lyrics, this track ends the album perfectly. Listeners may be surprised as to the quality of Stitch’s vocals on this track, he is a really divers vocalist who can cover all the bases needed in modern metal. He has the heavy, guttural vocals, which, unlike many of his peers, are still understandable. He has the anthemic and powerful clean vocals used on most choruses, which gives them that huge sound. And he also has this, peaceful and emotional with a slight southern rock feel. Downer is giving the majority of vocalists in the genre a run for their money.

In short, this is an essential album, and If you haven’t got the free copy in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, you better rush out and buy it when it is officially released in February. I don’t want to seem like I’m needlessly praising the band, but I honestly cannot find any faults in this album. A perfect release by one of the rising stars of the British music scene.


Highlights: In The Land Of Fools, Call To Arms, In Your Name, Final Sleep


  1. 3 tracks in on my first listen and so far I would have to agree with most of what the review has said.

    Wouldn’t give it a perfect score, but it’s definitely really good and the fact that it was absolutely free with Metal Hammer only adds to the heftiness!

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