Bring Me The Horizon – There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret Review

There is a hell...

No one divides opinions like Bring Me The Horizon, and with their new album There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret, they are set to change a few minds.

Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. If Marmite was a metal band (yes, they ARE metal) it would be BMTH.

Possibly the most hated band in Britain, due to the fact that they are no tr00 metal, but completely adored by their massive fan base. It’s hard to stand in the middle ground with this band.

Especially when they have just released what could be their defining album. There Is A Hell… is, quite frankly, brilliant.

On BMTH last album, Suicide Season, the band started experimenting with their sound, moving past the generic deathcore of their (extremely bad) debut album.

With There Is A Hell… they have took the experimentation that one step further. One listen to tracks like Crucify Me or Don’t Go, and you will be questioning if this is the same band that poisoned the worlds ears with Count Your Blessings.

The album features guest vocals from LIGHTS and Josh Francesci from you Me At Six. LIGHTS provides fantasic vocals on Crucify Me and Don’t Go, and Josh lends his voice to Fuck. Both add to the diversity of the album.

There Is A Hell… is slightly front loaded, the last five tracks are not just as good as the first seven, but overall, it’s a great album.

I’d recomend checking this out, whether you love Bring Me The Horizon or hate them, it just might change your mind.


Highlights: Crucify Me, Anthem, It Never Ends, Fuck, Alligator Blood

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