Disturbed – Asylum Review


I’ve taken my time with this review, because I really couldn’t find the right words to describe this album…

You see, it’s hard to turn “meh” into a full length review.

It’s not a bad album, there are some fantastic tracks, Asylum, The Infection even Another Way To Die once it get’s into it.

But, there’s just far too much about Asylum that could be improved.

First off, the majority of the songs are just too boring. There’s no decent hooks, which is what Disturbed used to excel in.

Down With The Sickness from their first album, Prayer from Believe, The title track on  Ten Thousand Fists, Inside The Fire from Indestructible… Asylum has no huge tracks to live up to the caliber set by their previous work.

Another disappointing thing about this album… The band have not evolved from their last album.

Every track from Asylum feels like a leftover from Indestructible, and the fact that Indestructible was an incredibly mediocre album males this even worse.

The wost part of the album, the feeling you get when it’s finished:

“They are capable of so much better”

And they really are,  have you heard their first three albums? All fantastic on their own way, Indestructible was poor, but every band is allowed a few bad albums.

I really hop they can improve on this with their next album, but until then, I’ll just keep listening to The Sickness.


Highlights: Asylum, The Infection

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  1. You sir, have no ear for music. This was easily their most powerful album to date. Disturbed isn’t about hooks and hype, they’re about the music, they’re about the messages they’re trying to convey. Obviously others beside myself believe this considering they’re still in the top 20 in the top 200 billboard.

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