Murderdolls – Women And Children Last Review

Women And Children Last

For the Death Valley Superstars, sadism was merely an appetizer… And revenge was the main course!After long last, Murderdolls are back! 8 years after Beyond The Valley… Joey and Wednesday return with Women And Children Last.

So, was it worth the wait? My answer… Hell yeah!

Opening with the sinister The World According To Revenge, before bursting into Chapel of Blood. This sets the tone for the album, their sound has definitely changed from beyond the Valley… they have adopted a more metal sound, there still are some horror punk elements, but it sounds more like the latest Wednesday 13 album than the last Murderdolls album.

Wednesday sure knows how to write catchy songs, I find it impossible not to shout along with him every time I listen to the album. And the lyrics are brilliant, the morbid sense of humour is still there, songs about murder, drugs, suicide and blood, exactly what you want from these guys! one of my favourite lines from the album is: “I’m making a list of who shouldn’t exist, and everyones name is at the top of my list”

One thing you will notice if you buy the album, there’s two parental advisory stickers, I don’t think I’ve heard an album with as many “Motherfucker”‘s as this one!

My favourite track on the album is Nowhere, It’s possibly my favourite song of the year, I’m trying to think what my least favourite track is, but to be honest, I love every track. this is an astoundingly good album!

Hopefully, we don’t have to wait another 8 years for these guys to release something else, they are both very busy men but it’s hard to argue with the quality of this album.


Highlights: Chapel of Blood, Bored Till Death, Nowhere, Death Valley Superstars, Hello, Goodbye, Die

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