Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare Review


It’s your fucking nightmare…

The last few months haven’t exactly been easy for Avenged Sevenfold, after losing their drummer, and more importantly, their best friend Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan at the end of last year, the four remaining members had to decide whether or not to continue on as a band.

Thankfully, they pulled through adversity to complete the album they wrote with their fallen brother, with drum legend Mike Portnoy drafted in to play Jimmy’s drum parts.

Nightmare is an amazing album, simple as that. Equal parts intense and beautiful, melodic and brutal. The perfect way to honour The Rev’s memory.

Opening track Nightmare set’s the tone for the album, and the majority of the first half of the album follows this trend, tracks like Welcome To the Family and Natural Born Killer bring back the pace which was lacking on the bands last album, and Buried Alive is the best track Metallica never wrote.

As the album draws to a close, the tracks get longer and slower paced. The track Fiction is one of the most haunting songs I have ever listened to in my life. The track was originally titled death, and it was the last song The Rev ever wrote, handing it in to the band three days before he passed away. His vocal lines were kept from the demo and added to the final track. I defy you to not  get shivers when you hear Jimmy’s sing: “Let it burn.”

The lyrics on the album are, quite frankly, superb. It is where M Shadows gets to say his final goodbyes to his best friend, he sings: “How do I live without the one’s I love.” You can clearly hear the pain in his voice. It could bring a tear to your eye.

Jimmy will be severely missed by these guys, but Nightmare is the perfect tribute, possibly the closest A7X will ever get to a perfect album.

RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan


Highlights: Nightmare, Welcome To the Family, Buried Alive, God Hates Us, Fiction


  1. The rev ❤

  2. yeah. This allbum is the best I’ve ever heard and this band is the most fucking awesome I’ve ever seen. All support for the guys that I love so much.

  3. Great Review, indeed this album is the perfect tribute to one of the greatest drummers, and to the great human that James Sullivan was.

  4. got to say the first few tracks are classic A7x and the last few seam to be the main tributes, but when u have lost someone u can relate to those tracks and you can truly appreciate the songs
    R.I.P. Rev
    and Synyster fucking gates is just one of the best (it has to b posted)

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