Drowning Pool Review

Drowning Pool

To say Drowning Pool have had a troubled history is an understatement. Original singer Dave Williams died of an undiagnosed heart disease after the release of the bands first album. the band continued on and released too mediocre albums with another two singers.

Drowning Pool is the bands fourth album, and the first time they have had the same singer for more than one album,former Soil singer Ryan McCombs.

Let The Sin Begin opens the album with a blast, it’s evident from this song that Drowning Pool are finally back on form. McCombs voice suits the band perfectly, sadly, on the last album, Full Circle, everything was produced terrible and the album didn’t sound right. This time however, everything just works.

The band who wrote Bodies, the anthem for the nu metal scene, have perfected the mainstream hard rock sound.

Throughout the album are a series of radio friendly rock songs, they may not be the most technically proficient band in the world, but you can’t deny that the band can write a catchy song.

I may be slightly biased, I have an affinity for Drowning Pool as they were one of the bands that got me into heavier music (thanks to their performance at WrestleMania x8) and now that they have a steady line up, I feel like they can finally achieve the success they deserve.


Highlights: Let the Sin Begin, Feel Like I Do, Regret, Children Of The Gun

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