As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise Review

The Powerless Rise

As I Lay Dying return with their fifth album, The Powerless Rise.

The album opens with the fantastic Beyond Our Suffering, one of the strongest tracks on the album, followed by Anodyne Sea, this is a great one two punch to begin the album.

In a whole, The Powerless Rise is a really good album, it is AILD doing what they do best. The downside however is that it the same thing they have been doing. There is nothing drastically new on The Powerless Rise.

The songs are all really good metalcore tracks, songs like Parallels show that the band are one of the leading bands in the metalcore scene.

But that isn’t enough, AILD have the capabilities to become a great metal band, they just need to shake their sound up and stop retreading old paths.

As seen on this album, the musicians in this band are really good, there are some cool guitar solo’s, the drums and bass sound great and the two singers work together really well. Tim Lambesis (possibly better known for his Arnie-loving side project, Austrian Death Machine) has one of the best guttural vocals in the business and Josh Gilberts clean vocals provide a great contrast.

The production on the album is superb too, Adam D (yes, the KsE guy.) has done a great job. The clean bits sound nice and shiny and the heavy bits sound brutal.

In all, this is a good album, and if you are a fan of AILD or metalcore in general, this is definitely for you, but the band haven’t really tried anything new here and it’s about time they did.


Highlights: Beyond Our Suffering, Anodyne Sea, Parallels, Upside Down Kingdom

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