Ronnie James Dio

The world has lost a legend, Ronnie James Dio has passed away…

The first time I heard Dio was on a Black Sabbath compilation album. at the time I was still quite young and didn’t know as much as I do today, I didn’t know that Sabbath had any singers other than Ozzy, so imagine my surprise at a track called Heaven And Hell. Opening with an epic riff from Tony Iommi and a catchy bassline from Geezer Butler. Then this voice, this amazing voice booms out of my CD player. “Sing me a song, you’re a singer…”

This track instantly caught my attention. Who was this voice, Looking through the booklet that came with the CD… Ronnie James Dio!

I spent hours listening to Dio tracks online and fell in love with this man’s voice. Tracks like Holy Diver, Dream Evil, We Rock… what a beautiful voice.

I remember downloading (legally) the Dio Years album the day it came out. Neon Nights, The Mob Rules, such amazing songs.

I never got the chance to meet Dio, I always wanted to. Me and a friend were going to buy tickets for his last tour, but days before we did, it got cancelled.

I remember rummaging about in my loft, looking at my dad’s old records, to my surprise I found Heaven And Hell and The Mob Rules. These albums sounded so good… Dio had one of the greatest voices in metal and he created so many classic albums.

The last album he recorded, The Devil You Know with Heaven And Hell, such a great album, it was because of that album I inducted Heaven And Hell into the DN Hall Of Fame.

RIP Ronnie James Dio, \m/

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