Exodus – Exhibit B: The Human Condition Review

Exhibit B

Exhibit B: The Human Condition

Thrash is a wonderful thing, and in the past few years, it seems like we’ve been spoiled with fantastic thrash albums. Thrash bands new and old have been releasing albums that will go down in history over the past couple of years. Gama Bomb’s Tales From The Grave In Space is thrash for the new generation, Evile’s Infected Nations was superb and Warpath’s Damnation showed that you don’t need a record label to blow people minds. Overkill released Ironbound, their best album in decades last year, Slayer are still going strong with World Painted Blood, Testament regrouped with Alex Skolnick to create a timeless masterpiece in The Formation Of Damnation and don’t get me started on Endgame by Megadeth.

Now, this brings us to the band many say started it all, Exodus. Their past few albums have been good, but just not at the level set by their peers.

Well, with the release of Exhibit B: The Human Condition, Exodus still can’t see that level, but only because they are so far above it.

This is an extremely brutal album. If you are easily offended, this isn’t for you. With songs about rape, murder and mankind’s “Affinity for bloodshed” this is, in guitarist Gary Holt’s words a “sick” album. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer) is about a shooting in a school, Nanking is about the Nanking Massacre, every song references killing and death and the artwork features weapons and death. This is an evil, disgusting album. That’s what metal is all about!

It begins where Exhibit A left off, with the same riff and solo that you heard as Bedlam 123 faded out. It explodes into The Ballad of Leonard and Charles a song about sex slavery, I told you this was a sick album.

Gary Holt and Lee Atlus’s guitar work is phenomenal on this CD. The riffs are heavy as hell, the lead lines are piercing and the solos are brilliant. There’s even some nice acoustic stuff throughout as well.

Tom Huntings drums are great too, at some points they sound like a battle march, which fits the tone of the album perfectly.

Rob Dukes gets far too much hatred from metal fans, he is an awesome metal vocalist and is perfect for Exodus, his voice just fits. And on Exhibit B he has outdone himself.

If you are a thrash fan, you must have this album, it is just superb.


Highlights: Beyond The Pale, Class Dismissed, Hammer and Life, Nanking, The Sun Is My Destroyer

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  1. Woohoo!!!! Exodus fuckin rule!!!!

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