Interview: Josh Gilbert Of As I Lay Dying

Josh Gilbert, bassist for metalcore titans As I Lay Dying took the time to answer some of our questions.

Josh Gilbert

DistortedNews: Being Christians, what’s it like playing a type of music that is commonly linked with Satanism?

Josh Gilbert: It’s funny. A lot of people think that because the metal genre is inherently evil, anyone playing metal must be. To us, its a chance to show people there’s more to metal songs than dragons and sorcery, even though we think that’s stuff is awesome as well.

DN: What can we expect from your new album The Powerless Rise?

JG: As most bands would say, it’s a big step up from our previous album. A few of these songs are the heaviest songs AILD has ever written. We definitely spent a lot of time layering and tinkering with textures on this record than ever before, and I think it will come across as much more complex and well thought out record.

DN: Before the release of your last album, An Ocean Between Us, you said that the genre had become a copy of itself. What would you say about the genre in 2010?

JG: Not much has changed! The computerized blastbeats have become faster. The tunings have become lower. The breakdowns have become heavier. Its like, there’s no way to get heavier than a breakdown in drop “z” or whatever some of these bands are tuning to these days. So I think the bands that will make it are the ones that can take the redeemable qualities from the genre and make it fresh and interesting.

Josh Gilbert

DN: You chose Adam D from Killswitch Engage to produce the album, what was the reason behind this?

JG: We thought Adam did a great job on “Ocean”. It’s not every day you find a metal producer that also plays guitar, bass, drums, can sing, and also runs a mean Pro Tools session! He definitely helps us focus our vision and trim the fat on songs. It also helps having a really positive friendly vibe going on while you record.

DN: What albums do you listen to when you are on the road?

JG: Haha, well I guess it depends on the mood. Pre-show? Andrew W.K., Pantera, Decapitated. Sleep time? Deftones, Team Sleep(duh), Isis, Sigur Ros, Mars Volta. Party Time? Michael Jackson, John “Cougar” Mellencamp, Korn, Jay-Z, any 90’s hip hop.

DN: How do you go about writing a song?

JG: It usually starts with one person and a riff or possibly , a collection of riffs. The next step is bringing it to a practice. If everyone agrees that it’s a sick enough riff/song, we will jam on it a little bit and work out details. Once everyone is happy with the arrangement, we record a pre-production version and listen to it constantly until the actual recording, in case we think of anything else to work on before putting on tape.

As I Lay Dying

DN: Your playing the UK’s Download festival, are there any bands playing that you’d like to be able to see play live?

JG: Oh man! SO many this year…Deftones, STP, Aerosmith, Motorhead, Coheed and Cambria, Rage Against the Machine, Lamb of God, Dillinger Escape Plan…too many to list!

As I Lay Dying are set to release their new album The Powerless Rise in May of this year. Expect a review within the next few weeks.

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