Interview: Gama Bomb

Ever wanted to hear Gama Bomb jam with Hannah Montana? Come inside to see if your dream may become a reality!

gama bomb

Gama Bomb

DistortedNews: You recently gave your album, Tales from the Grave in Space, away for free, what was the reason behind this?

Gama Bomb: We thought it was a great idea and would really help expand our fan base as well as give the album a bit of extra press.
Our views on downloading is pretty well know, if it’s a new band you want to check out or an old nuclear assault album that you can’t get, hats fine. I don’t have a problem with people downloading our music so in turn I don’t have a problem downloading anybody’s music. I just downloaded Master of Puppets there now, I’ve bought it on tape, CD and 12″ many times, but it wasn’t on my iPod so I downloaded it rather than digging out the CD (where ever it is).surly even Metallica don’t have a problem with that?

DN: Which of the “Big Four” do you think are better?
GB: Megadeth, by about 100 miles. Not just based on their previous works. The endgame LP and rust in peace 20th anniversary tour were both really enjoyable. Plus Megadeth can still play. You can’t really say that about those other bands.

DN: What bands inspire you to make music?

GB: All kinds of different stuff basically ranging from classic metal, like Judas Priest and Deep Purple through to stuff like gang green and non-metal bands like Goblin. Lots of bands really.

DN: Where do you get your ideas for song lyrics?

GB: Horror movies, choc dips, drinking sessions gone wrong, the ancient art of karate, cool dudes, idiots and DC comics.
DN: If Disney offered you $100,000,000 to record a pop song with Hannah Montana, would you do it?
GB: What as in Gama Bomb & Hannah Montana? Yeah, totally. Then we could laugh at people calling us sell outs from our golden hovercraft. Would that affect our artistic credibility? No because we don’t have any in lots of peoples eyes, and that sort of thing doesn’t bother us. I think we’d use the money to buy Dimebag Darrel tattoos or Slipknot masks.

DN: What 3 albums would you take to a desert island?

GB: Personally I’d bring some Bob Dylan, Megadeth and Manson. Thrash wise I’d bring: Megadeth – Rust In Peace, Nuclear Assault – Survive, Sodom – Persecution Mania

DN: What’s next for Gama Bomb after the touring cycle for TFTGIS is over?

GB: Well we’ve got another year and a half of touring for this LP left so it’s kind of hard to imagine that far down the line. Lot’s of touring in Europe trips to South America and the U.S are all in the works. Something different probably maybe a DVD or a movie, Gama Bomb verses the haunted robot.

DN: If you could get any band to reform, who would you choose?

GB: Hmmm… Lots of forgotten 80s thrash bands to choose from:
Acid Reign, Dark Angel, Agent Steel (with Cyriis), Brain Implosion.

DN: Who would win in a fight: JCVD, Arnie, Stallone, Batman, Hulk Hogan or Mr. T?

GB: I’m a big fan of 80’s Stallone so I’ll go with the cobra.

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