Powerman 5000 – Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere Review

Powerman 5000 - Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere

Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere

Powerman 5000 returns after 3 years with a new studio album, returning to the sound that made them famous.

Powerman’s style has changed quite a lot over the years, starting with rapcore and eventually playing punk rock, but the sound that made Powerman famous was 1999’s Tonight The Stars Revolt. Industrial Metal, similar to what his brother, Rob Zombie, played. this new album is a return to that sound, and what a welcome return it is.

The album, Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere, sold only 2000 copies upon release in 2009 in the USA (it has still to be officially released in the UK) which is surprising, because this is a fantastic album.

The album opens with a sound bite from the movie Planet Of The Vampires, but soon explodes into Show Me What You’ve Got, a fantastic party metal track, my first thoughts upon hearing this track was: “Powerman are back.”

Next come the first two singles from the album, starting with Super Villain which is more a rap song than anything else, but the breakdown is fantastic and the lyrics are fun, Spider One isn’t the best lyricist in the world, but he can write catchy sing-along anthems better than most. Then comes V Is For Vampire, which is another brilliant track. These two songs deserve to be played on the radio, so I suggest you call up your local rock station and demand that these songs be heard.

The title track however, is a very bland song, with not much to it. It’s really slow and boring and to be honest not worthy of being on the album. The tracks Horror Show and Get Your Bones are also quite bad, but still not as bad as the title track.

Basically, this is a fun album, don’t expect serious mature music, expect party songs with a great beat, some cool guitar work and anthemic lyrics.


Highlights: Show Me What You’ve Got, Super Villain, V Is For Vampire, Do Your Thing, Make Us Insane

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