DistortedNews Awards 2009

Welcome, to the first annual DistortedNews Awards.

Best New Band: Steadlur

Of all the bands to emerge in 2009, Steadlur are by far my favourite, their debut self titled album is almost faultless. With tracks like Poison, Suffocate and Bumpin’, you cant help but love them.

Best Live Band: Black Stone Cherry

Obviously I can only give this award to bands who I have seen live, but considering that during 2009 I have saw AC/DC, U2 and Dream Theater, Black Stone Cherry winning is a huge feat, but this is because their live show is flawless, the songs sound ten times better than the album and the guys seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

Best Music Video: MC Lars – Guitar Hero Hero

A great song, with a great accompanying music video. Words cant describe its awesomeness, so just watch it :

Best Track: Shadows Fall – A Public Execution

Brutally heavy, a sing-along chorus and sweary chanting. What more could you want. Taken from Shadows Fall’s new album Redemption, A Public Execution is a brilliant song, and it’s even better live.

Best Album: Megadeth – Endgame

If you like metal, you have to listen to this album, a superb release by Megadeth which almost rivals ther 1990 masterpiece Rust In Piece. Every track is fantastic with great guitars, drums and bass. Even though some people dislike Dave’s vocals, on this album they fit perfectly, and his lyrical content is fantastic, ranging from politics to Lord Of The Rings.

Axe Master: Willie Adler & Mark Morton of Lamb of God

The guys from Lamb Of God stole the show in metal guitar this year. One listen to Wrath shows how talented these guys are. The song Grace, really emphasises that in the world of metal guitar, Adler and Morton are they way forward.

Legend Of The Year: Duff McKagan

Former Guns n’ Roses bassist returned this year with his side project Loaded, who released their second album Sick. I was lucky enough to see theses guys support Black Stone Cherry, and believe me, they were almost as good. But the reason Duff has won this award is because of his interaction with the fans. One tweet from me asking him to play a song actually changed their setlist for the Glasgow show. Duff is a living legend.

Band Of The Year: Five Finger Death Punch

At the start of 2009, Five Finger Death Punch Were merely a footnote in the metal world. Twelve months later and they are already set to become one of the biggest metal bands ever. Their second album, War Is The Answer was met with rave reviews and their live shows are fantastic. You can quote me on this: 5FDP are the next Pantera. Fact.

Hall Of Fame Award: Heaven & Hell

The Dio era Sabbath made a comeback in 2008 as Heaven & Hell, and in 2009 they released their debut album (under the H&H name) The Devil You Know. A great album which stands up there with The Mob Rules and Heaven And Hell. They definitely deserve to be the first band inducted into the DN Hall Of Fame.

Agree or disagree with any choices? Leave some feedback.

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