Trivium God Of War Song Details

Matt Heafy recently spoke with Metal Hammer about the bands forthcoming song which will be included in a free EP with God Of war 3:

“Right now we’re on the second leg of Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour. The whole of the first leg I was writing and demoing every day so were Corey and Paolo, on this leg we haven’t been doing that as much because we’ve been working on the ‘God Of War III’ song – which is ‘Shattering The Skies Above’. That will come out exclusively on ‘God Of War III’, it will not be on the next Trivium record, but it is going to give people a really good representation of where we’re going with the next record. I’m pretty sure we’ll be playing it in the UK when we’re over, so people will be able to hear where we’re going. That’ll be the only new thing.”

Sounding good!

For more info about God Of War 3, check


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  1. srly?? thats epic cant wait to see them

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