Dez Fafara’s Favourite Albums of 2009

Dez Fafara of DevilDriver, recently told Metal Hammer His favourite albums of this year, here is his picks:

Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way To Blue

Dez: Great to have a new record from one of the greatest bands in history .

Mastodon- Crack The Skye

Dez: Unreal band both live and on recording.  This is killer.  Plus there all great dudes.

Behemoth- Evangelion

Dez: Fuckin’ heavy metal Poland style! Great people and great players.

Megadeth- Endgame

Dez: One of the best records Dave has ever put out!  From start to finish a Winner!

Thy Will Be Done- In Ancient Of Days

Dez: Heavy / hardcore / metal … They’re great live and onstage when J says “We listen to Sabbath and Slayer! We don’t care if you don’t “!  It gets me every time lol

Slayer- World Painted Blood

Dez: Holy fuck! It sounds more punk influenced! First song is 2 min 40 sec of punk fucking rock! I love it !

AC/DC- Black Ice

Dez: The best band in the world just can’t do it wrong! Turn this up for sure!

Rammstein- Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

Dez: Little bit like the older stuff.  Mike says “much better than the last 2 records” Live, they Kill!

Did nobody tell him Black Ice came out last year?

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