Interview: 42 Seconds Later

I recently had a chat with Southern California rockers 42 Seconds Later, see what they had to say here:
DN: How did the band come together?

Matt Gugg (Guitar): My last band had just broken up after  3 years together and I was looking to form a new band. I met Shari at a musical instruments warehouse in Milwaukee  where we both worked and she came in on the bass. We found we worked really well together as a writing team but we couldn’t find a singer that worked so she just stood up  and became the singer as well.  Cory joined the band in early 2009 after our previous drummer left to persue other musical interests.  Cory fit in real well musically and we knew within the first 15 minutes of his audition that he was the right guy for the job.
DN: How did you come up with your name?

Matt: Shari came up with the name, It’s an inside joke referencing  a scene from the Will Ferrell Movie ” A Night at The Roxbury”
DN: What are your main influences?

Matt: AC/DC, Van Halen, Zeppelin, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Anthrax. Eddie Van Halen is my favorite guitar player.
Shari Gugg (Bass & Vocals): Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp.
Cory Chapman (Drums): I will have to go all the way back to my elementary and high school band director, Kevin Hulsey. He inspired me to stick with music through school, and taught me a lot about technique, theory, and many other aspects of the art. But as for my drumming influences? I would have to say A-Rod from Saosin, Aaron Stern from Matchbook Romance / God or Julie, and Will Noon from Straylight Run. I try to pull things from each of them and really love listening to the parts they are able to play.
DN: What was your first gig like?

Shari: The first time I sang and played live I was so adrenalized I didn’t know how drunk I was till I got off the stage. Then I had to go home, Good Times!
Matt: The first 42 Seconds Later gig was at a club called Quarters in Dowtown Milwaukee with a band called the High Strung opening. It was Shari’s first show singing and it was alot of fun. Big crowd but it was freezing, It was like 10 degrees below zero that night.
DN: If you could tour with any band on the planet, who would it be?

Matt: AC/DC, they still put on such a kick ass show with more energy than most young bands out there and they sound great live!
Shari: It would have to be Def Leppard, still rocking the stage after all these years.
Cory: If I could tour with any band on the planet, I would have to choose Straylight Run. They are three amazing musicians, and very intelligent and well-educated guys. I’ve always enjoyed their music, and have always had good conversations with them when I went to see them in concert. They really bring an energy to their show that you don’t always see any more, and it would be totally awesome to travel with them, and have the opportunity to open for those guys. They really don’t get the credit they deserve.
DN: If you could erase one band from history, who would it be?

Shari: I love music in general so everyone is entitled to their own thing even if it sucks.
Matt: Creed, I can’t stand that guys voice.
Cory: If I could erase one band from history, I would erase U2. Bono is a self-righteous loser who really has nothing better to do than to bash other people (like Chris Martin from Coldplay) and then they go around making every album they release sound the same. There is no progression musically, and I just can’t stand to hear them. I really hate that band.
DN: Your second CD “Breakdown” was recently released, tell us a bit about that.

Matt: We recorded it at Sound Sanctuary Studios in Riverside, California with engineer producer Phil O’keefe. Phil has recorded alot of bands here including Alien Ant Farm in the past as well as writing for EQ magazine. Phil was alot of fun to work with and he helped get the best out of us in the studio. We hope to work with him again on our next album.
DN: Whats your favourite gig you have played so far?

Matt: We opened up for Joey Belladonna from Anthrax last year and that was such a huge moment for me. I grew up on Belladonna era Anthrax it was very surreal. Joey was very cool too. He actually took time to hang out with us before the gig and we got to watch the sound check up close. I remember very little about our set that night though.
Shari: The Whisky a Go Go without a doubt. That was our first gig after relocating to California. Opening up for Steven Adler’s band was also a big highlight.
DN: Whats next for 42 Seconds Later?

Matt: We are playing our final 2009 gig on December 4th of this year at the Angels Roadhouse in Yucaipa, California. Then we are hoping to begin recording a new cd in January. Everything is written and it’s just a matter of getting into the studio to record the tracks.
For more info about 42 Seconds Later check and


  1. Jody Crown was here. You guys rock!

  2. Authentic words, some true words man. You rocked my day!

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