Megadeth To Release Re-Recorded Album?

From the official Megadeth forum

I know that when we did the remasters, that we were also going to re-release the Studio Originals approximately five (5) years later, and hopefully with some new recordings.

I thought it would also be cool to go in and just pick 11 Megadeth Classics and re-record them, since I own them. Maybe my last recording for roadrunner could be all re-recordings in the studio with Chris and I laying down whatever we felt at the time. Imagine if we did new studio versions of “Black Friday” and “Looking Down the Cross.”

There are so many ideas and so much fun to be had. So lemme know about the back catalogue stuff. 

I think this would be awesome, some of the early MD albums had terrible production and this will make them sound much better, plus Chris B on guitar would be equally awesome. Hopefully New World Order gets an official release now too!

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