New Dave Mustaine Dean Signature Guitars To Be Released

Dave posted this on the official Megadeth forums:

“We are going to debut and release the Dean ‘Dave Mustaine Signature Line – ZERO’ at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

One of the versions of the ZERO will be with a Black paintjob with Vic pulling the hood off of a prisoner.

Of course there will be other finishes and paintjobs, but this will be the first one, besides the obvious ZERO – Retro, and this is a real looking aged guitar, and not like so many of the worn looking new guitars that have been made and issued, or reissued by the originators of the guitars.

Besides the superior playability, these guitars look great!”

Sounds good, as far as I know, the ZERO is an explorer shape guitar… And now comes the Hetfield remarks.

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  1. great site man, much better than blubbermouth lol

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