Top 10: Collaborations

Sometimes, when two bands love each other very much… an awesome song is born!

Eddie Van Halen & Micheal Jackson – Beat It
Not  so much a collaboration, more sheer luck, but still. This song is a masterpiece. Say what you want about Micheal Jackson, he was a musical Genius.

Damageplan & Corey Taylor – Fuck You
The Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman provided vocals on this venomous, hate filled track.

Fear Factory & Gary Numan – Cars

A re-invisioning of Gary Numan’s classic, both Numan and Bell share vocals, with a nice Metalificated (I’ve already explained, this IS a word) riff.

The Damned & Lemmy – Ballroom Blitz
Motorhead singer/bassist Lemmy Joined The Damned on bass for this cover of The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz.

Paul Gilbert, Parry Gripp and MC Lars – Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn’t Make You Slash)
With Gilbert shredding, Parry Gripp on the chorus and MC Lars with the exellent verses, this ode to guitar hero is awesome.

Elton John & Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way to Blue
Elton joins AIC on piano for the heartfelt tribute to late vocalist Layne Staley.


A whole album, rather than a song. Foo Fighters frontman decided to make a metal album with all his heroes on vocals. The album featured Lemmy, King Diamond, Max Cavalera and Cronos, to name but a few.

Apocalyptica & Corey Taylor – I’m Not Jesus

Finnish Cello Metal band, Apocalyptica, teamed up with Corey Taylor for this track from the Worlds Collide album. This song proves that Corey is an excellent vocalist, clean or otherwise.

Aerosmith & Run DMC – Walk This Way

There’s not much that hasn’t already been said about this track, let’s let the music do the talking.

Anthrax & Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
My personal favourite collaboration, I choses this above Aerosmith/Run DMC  because unlike that song the lyrics in this one actually work with the collaboration, The lyrics are about how Hip- Hop should be treated equally to Metal and Rock music, and if this track doesn’t prove it, nothing will. Plus, the Public Enemy original even mentioned anthrax, these bands were meant for each other!

Don’t agree with my choices, leave me a comment, any good suggestion will be added in!

Honorable Mention:
Temple of The Dog
Roadrunner United

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