Another Fallout Between Dave Mustaine And David Ellefson

David Ellefson was the original Bassist in Megadeth, and a founding member along with Mustaine, he stayed with the band up until Dave’s arm injury.

Ellefson had sued Mustaine in the past but the two had overcome their differences and became frineds, until this was posted on the official Megadeth forums, taken from a comment on Blabbermouth:

I worked assisting David Ellefson for the last 3 years by creating myspaces registered in my name with his content.
In the summer he joined Haill with their piece of crap manager Mark Abbatista.
This Fall Mark attempted to get me to put pornography on one of the sites to promote Ellefson’s next attempt at anything and when I refused he stole all the contents of the myspace and started another one because “I wouldn’t listen to the manager”. Instead of telling me…after 3 years of service David distracts me by having me find him designers to update the sites I had created so I wouldn’t notice the material being copied or the sites being put up.
Never has David provided me with anything for 3 years of service. He admitted that the site got him gigs (including the Hail Lebanon show which was actually booked off my personal Facebook page) and conferences and clinics.
This guy bitched to me day and night about Mustaine stealing from him…lol! This guy is the greediest fucker in the business…its all about the Benjamins for Ellefson…don’t let him kid you. He’s a Sunday Christian and when he was approached about doing a fundraiser for abused kids only one hour from his home in Scotsdale he told them he wouldn’t do it for less than $1700. When I asked him to donate $250 to a charity for children with cancer to make good what had been done wrong with his manager…he refused.
Mustaine has a coffee company and all of the proceeds go to creating clean water for 3rd world countries. All Ellefson does is whine he doesn’t get enough money from his Mega-days and that when he went down to visit Mustaine a month and a half ago to talk about a reunion, all Ellefson could talk about was money…he didn’t want to jam…he just wanted to know how much he was going to get paid. When Mustiane told him the wrong dollar amount…he said he was making more with what he was doing.
So this joke of a Rock Shop about Team Building…he has no idea.
I was fooled into thinking that Dave Mustaine was an asshole. He may be outspoken and sometimes say things before thinking. However, Ellefson got everything he deserved…and that’s nothing.
I hope Mustiaine reads this so he also knows that Ellefson is going around telling people that Mustaine is addicted to oxycontin. He’s telling everyone.
Team Builder? Nice try David.

Metal legend Dave Mustaine responded with:

“I see it and I am not surprised.

I don’t get it, and I forgave him, too.

Boy isn’t the truth bittersweet to taste!

as far as my side, i am sorry, but one of the parties has to maintain some dignity here.

set your watches to see how long this reply takes to hit blubbermouth.

i can tell you that i feel like this . . . 

My dear Droog, this is something that should be private and if you want to send your contact into to our beloved webmaster, that would probably be a better way to communicate, if I feel I want to do that.

Right now, I am really sad to see him do this, although I feel that I am being exhonerated and I believe the source.

Welcome to All things mega! 

My opinion of this is that people who comment on Blabbermouth are usually a bunch of liars, so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, and I’m very sorry for Dave that he had to find out this about someone he thought was his friend. but I’m glad hes taking the high ground.

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