New Dio Track/Heaven And Hell Tour

In an interview with Classic Rock, Ronnie James Dio revealed that he will be performing a new track on his upcoming UK tour, he also spoke about a future Heaven And Hell Tour:

“It’s called Electra, which will be released as a limited-edition single, although I’m not sure as yet just how we intend to put it out.

However, it was important to me that Dio didn’t just come over on the back of the old material, but that we had something fresh to offer. We’ll probably do a coupe of things from Rainbow, but there’s no point in doing anything by Sabbath. I’ve been doing that with Heaven & Hell.

I’ve heard we’ll (Heaven And Hell)  be over in February, and knowing the way things work with this band we’ll probably do a lot more touring on the back of that. Not that I’m complaining. Working with these guys again has just been so much fun, and very rewarding. There are no egos getting in the way now. We’ve all grown up a lot.

I’m delighted with the reaction to our album. We knew it was good, but everyone has been so positive about it  – that’s just so gratifying. The challenge now is to better it, and also to do something a little different.”

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